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Ayurwin Nutrislim Powder

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About Nutrislim
The Aim of Ayurwin is to help you improve your nutritional well-being through the use of quality Nutritionals and herbal products. These products provide a great way to lose weight and to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Ayurwin products are dietary supplements, recommended to improve the quality of life. The use of dietary supplements derived from plants has accelerated in recent years. We use proven Herbal Formulas.
Nutrislim Powder and Nutrislim Capsules are completely Nutritional-Herbal. As a delicious chocolate drink - It promises 0% Cholesterol. The products consist of an incredible 27 essential nutrients in each serving. It reduces your weight and more importantly brings the body to proper shape. The product is a unique combination of clinically tested Nutritional and herbs.
The objective here is to suppress excessive appetite which automatically reduces weight by curbing sugar and food cravings. The main cause of overweight or obesity is obviously overeating, irregular eating habits and improper combination of food items in one meal stress, improper sleeping and modern urban life style etc.
The procedure recommended is easy to follow and is strongly endorsed by Nutritional herbal as well as contemporary doctors. It will help you attain important weight loss, and help improve your health and energy level. 
How to use Nutrislim:
Have sufficient breakfast. Take the Nutri Slim capsules after breakfast. Do not consume any food or snacks in between breakfast and Lunch even if you feel hungry, Make sure you drink plenty of water and preferably have fruit juices without or very less sugar.
Add fresh raw vegetables to your lunch, to fill 70% of your stomach. It reduces false hunger and sugar cravings, and augments the result to help you lose weight and extra body fat. Remember junk food can fail your mission against obesity, Stay away from Junk food like burgers, deep fired things etc after lunch. If you feel very hungry, drink plenty of water and if necessary fresh fruit juice.
At night try to avoid dinner; instead, have 4 spoons of healthy, delicious chocolate flavored Nutri Slim Powder in a glass of milk or water. After 45 minutes, take one Nutri Slim Capsule. In case if you are unable to avoid the food, consume only 25% of the food what you had eaten in the morning like fresh vegetables, fruits and if needed Ragimalt with butter milk.
How Nutrislim Works:
There is lot of fat accumulated in our body from the food we eat daily, mainly due to unhealthy menu, as well as modern urban lifestyle, as a result we gain access weight and obesity. Nutri Slim Powder and Nutri Slim Capsules work on day to day basis. Nutri Slim Powder minimizes fat content of every food item you take in breakfast, lunch, dinner you eat everyday. Hence reduces the fat which accumulate everyday. It also cuts down the Cholestrol level in the body.
On the other hand, the Nutri Slim Capsules will reduce whatever fat which has been already accumulated in our body over many years.
Thus, the unwanted fat present in our everyday food will be reduced and controlled by Nutri Slim Powder and the already accumulated fat and Cholestrol will be reduced and controlled by Nutri Slim Capsules.
In addition, Nutri Slim Powder and Capsules will reduce the fat and Cholesterol in the body. This will cause smooth blood circulation in the body keeping our heart healthy.
During the night time, our body movements slows down and so does the digestion process,, Try to replace dinner with Nutri Slim powder and have fresh vegetables or fruits.
If possible, during night, instead of having rice based recipes, have fresh vegetables, fruits or Ragi Malt with butter milk or two chapattis without oil.
In between Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, if you feel hungry, don't have any food. You can have more water and Fresh Fruit Juice.
For The Best Results:
Choose nutritional and healthy food.
Drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water.
Prefer raw & fresh fruits vegetables like, Cucumber, Water melon, or Salads.
Have a 30 minutes of brisk walk after dinner and early in morning
Alcohol and smoking - the big enemies.
Avoid very spicy and oily foods
Avoid Curd rice, Bananas or any fatty products with more carbohydrates.
If we replace one night meal with NUTRISLIM powder, it will reduce the intake of excess calories without affecting our energy levels. Thus NUTRI SLIM POWDER AND NUTRI SLIM CAPLSULES avoid deposition of extra fat in the body. And the deposited fat in the body will also be burned by Nutrislim capsules. so that the weight will come down. If you continue the same process for 60 days, you will reduce your weight significantly. Everyday you feel active, fresh and energetic. You can feel the result as body losing weight and gaining proper shape within 60 days.
However use of both Nutri Slim Powder and Nutri Slim Capsules together for obtaining the best result.
With little bit of discipline, control over your eating habits, strong determination and Nutrislim the rewards are bigger than you may imagine, its freedom from all obese related dangers like blood pressure, heart related issues etc. Moreover what you will gain is appreciation by the family and friends, increased energy level to enjoy your professional life, your choice of fashion to look better than hiding yourself behind the cloths, and a better quality of life.
Benefits of Nutrislim Plus:
=>Great chocolate drink to become slim
=>All essential nutrients In 1 serving
=>0% cholesterol
=>Loose weight healthily depending upon type os your body
Directions For Preparation:
Take 2 scoops (20g) of nutrislim Plus powder with 50ml hot skimmed milk & stir till it becomes a smooth paste. Add remaning 200ml skimmed milk, mix & enjoy the healthy, delicious chocolate drink.
For Healthy Weight Loss:
Replace two meals daily with 2 scoops of Nutrilim plus per meal & just have one balanced, nutritious meal. Intake more of fresh fruits and veg salads in your diet.
Facts About Weight Loss:
=>Rapid weight loss may cause health problems, always set a realistic goal of weight loss
=>If you are pregnant, breast feeding or on medication, do not go for any weight loss programe
How Nutrislim Works?
Generally an average of 2000 Calories required daily for moderate adult body with moderate activity. In most of cases, we eat more food than required. Excess calories diet more than 2000 calories will convert into fat and will be stored in the body.
If we replace two of our meals (Breakfast & Dinner) with Nutrislim Plus, drink it will reduce intake of excess calories without effecting our energy level. Thus avoid deposition of excess of fat. It also helps burns out, the already existing fat also.
* Percent daily value are based on a 2000 calories diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower on your calories needs.
* Conditions apply. Result may vary from person to person
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