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Zandu Nag Bhasma

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Zandu Nag Bhasma

Zandu Nag Bhasma

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Naga Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine, prepared from Lead.

  1. It is used in the treatment of diabetes, non healing wounds, piles, malabsorption syndrome, helminthiasis, diarrhoea, jaundice, skin diseases, itches, visarpa, expectorating cough, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, emaciation, thirst, abdominal colic,
  2. obesity, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea,bleeding, spitting and vomiting blood, epilepsy etc.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
62.5 – 125 mg once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor. It is traditionally administered along with ghee, honey milk or with sugar.
In visarpa and itches it is applied over after mixing in ghee, honey or coconut oil.
Nag Bhasma ingredients:
Shuddha Naga  – Purified Lead – 100 g. Purified Lead is melted. 100 g of Ashwattha (Ficus religiosa) dry powder, and stirred well. Then it is taken in a closed container, sealed, heated till red hot. It is allowed to self cooling, washed with water to remove herbal powder. The metallic component is added with Purified Manashila (Realgar), and ground with lemon juice or Kanji (fermented gruel), cakes are prepared, and heated in 400 – 500 degree Celsius for 2 -3 hours. This process of grinding with lemon juice and heating is repeated for 3 times to obtain black coloured Bhasma. (Lead Calx)
Reference: Rasa Tarangini.