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Zandu Suvarna Bhasma

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Zandu Suvarna Bhasma

Zandu Suvarna Bhasma

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Swarna Bhasma

Its usage:

  1. Excellent Aphrodisiac -  premature ejaculation and infertility in both men and women.
  2. It is an excellent cardiac tonic and useful in general weakness.
  3. It helps to improve low appetite, lack of digestive fire
  4. Improves memory, intelligence and useful in nervous weakness as well as neuropathy caused by Diabetes
  5. In general weakness.
  6. It improves muscle strength, helps in all wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy, loss of memory, dementia due to aging, parkinsonism, Tissue wasting.

EFFECT ON TRIDOSHA - balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


15.5 – 62.5 mg once to twice daily or 125 mg once every alternate  day  after food

Swarna Bhasma has wonderful aphrodisiac effect if taken along with Atirasadi Churna.

Use of Milk is recommended along with use of Swarna bhasma.

Preparation of Swarna bhasma and its ingredients:

Swarna bhasma is made from pure gold which is further purified after many cumbersome techniques of ancient alchemy. There are many methods. 

Purified Gold leaf is made into powder and lemon juice is applied over it. The paste of Ras sindur - A compound of mercury and then heated in absence of air at 500 celcius for 5-6 hrs. to get pure Swarna bhasma.