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Balvedics Prolife Capsules

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Balvedics Prolife Capsules

Balvedics Prolife Capsules

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Bal Pharma Prolife Capsule

Liver has to face constant insult as it is involved in first pass metabolism and detoxification of various pharmacological agents.

Specific hepatic disorders further deteriorate the condition and can lead to anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weakness ( fatigue ), fever, jaundice, sleep disturbance ascites, oedema of feet or bleeding diathesis.

Prolife Capsule maintains the structural and functional integrity of this indispensable organ. Prolife Capsules’ formulation provides wide spectrum coverage, enables and enhances digestion and metabolism.

Prolife Capsule also improves and provides strength to other vital systems, like respiratory system. Bal Vedics Prolife is an anti-oxidant, tonic and restorative, which helps in nourishment and replenishment.
Actions of Bal Pharma Prolife Capsule :

Daruharidra is bitter tonic, Cholagogue and Anti-pyretic.
Yastimadhu is a broad-spectrum drug that cures various ailments. Possesses Potent demulcent, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Prolife Capsules’ alkaloids show anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-helminthic, anti-allergenic and anti-neoplastic actions.
Prolife Capsule is detoxifying and is used in various chronic liver disorders.
Vasa has got bronchodilatory and respiratory stimulating effect.
Musali is a liver tonic and a restorative.
Ardraka is an appetizer and liver stimulant. Ginger also contains anti-mutagenic factors.
Pippali is a stimulant and is useful in chronic dyspepsia and indigestion.
Ela is digestive, carminative and restorative.
Effects of Prolife Capsule :

Detoxifies xenobiotics. Helps in reducing SGOT and SGPT levels.
Prolife contains flavones and isoflavones, which serve as antioxidants.
Prolife is found to have significant anti-inflammatory activity. It alleviates pain swelling. Also promotes wound healing.
Its tyrosine inhibitory effect imparts antitumour and anti-inflammatoryfunctions to it.
Reduces toxic effects of anticancer drugslike cyclophosphamide.
Can be employed in convalescence because it is tonic and restorative.
As an Antioxidant
Liver disorders due to alcohol
Hepatotoxicity of varied etiology
Composition of Bal Vedics Prolife Capsule :
Each Capsule contains extracts equivalent to :
Daruharidra ( Berberis aristata ) – 0.25 gm
Atimadhura ( Glycyrrhiza glabra ) – 0.25 gm
Vasa ( Adhatoda vasica ) – 0.25 gm
Musali ( Curculigo orchiodes ) – 0.25 gm
Ardraka ( Zingiber officinale ) – 0.25 gm
Pippali ( Piper longum ) – 0.25 gm
Ela ( Elletaria cardamomum ) – 0.25 gm
Khandasari ( Sugar ) – 0.0625 gm
2Capsules two times a day.