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Femigen Capsules

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Femigen Capsules

Femigen Capsules

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Femigen Capsules
An oral drug for non-specific Leucorrhoea.

Femigen Capsules
=> Effectively treats leucorrheas of diverse etiologies.
=> Controls the excessive vaginal secretion & pelvic congestion.
=> Accelerates renewal of vaginal epithelium.
=> Stops muco-purulent discharge.
=> Improve nutritional supply.

Femigen Capsules Contains:
=> Ashoka : Strong astringent & uterine sedative, Direct action on muscular fibers of uterus. 
     Stimulates endometrium & overian tissue.
=> Lodhra : Mild astringent & cooling, Arrests uterine hemorrhages & abnormal secretion.
=> Babhul : Astringent, Tonic, Demulcent, popularly used to treat vaginitis (Vaginal discharge).
=> Pandhari Savari : Tonic, Alterative, Astringent & laxative.
=> Daruhalad : Tonic, Stomachic, Astringent, Antiperiodic, Alterative.
=> Amba bark : Astringent & Tonic. Arrests internal bleeding.
=> Jambhul Saal : Potent astringent.
=> Mocharas : Astringent & Styptic. Useful to treat menorrhagia.
=> Kasis Bhasm : Overcomes anorexia, improves digestion, improves nutritional supplementation.

Leucorrhoea & other associated disorders, Menorrhagia, Concomittant Back ache & weakness.

Each Femigen Capsule contains
=> Ashoka Saraca indica-30 mg
=> Lodhara Symplocos racemosa-30 mg
=> Babhul Acacia arabica-30 mg
=> Pandhari Savari Bombax pentandrum-30 mg
=> Daruhalad Mangifera Indica-30 mg
=> Amba Bark Berberis aristata-30 mg
=> Jambhul Sal Eugenia Jambolana-30 mg
=> Mocharas Bombax malbaricum-30 mg
=> Kasis Bhasma Processed ferrous sulphate-30 mg

2 Capsules twice a day.