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Jain Femitab Capsule

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Jain Femitab Capsule

Jain Femitab Capsule

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The most common ailment of an active women concerns with her menstrual cycle, such as excess of bleeding during menses (Menorrhogea), inter-cycle bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle (Polymenorrhogea), painful menstruation (Dismenorrhogea) etc. Apart from the above is Leucorrhoea, in which a constant white discharge from the vagina (birth passage) may occur in woman on account of inflammation, which may be due to any cause.

The above disorders result in tiredness, weakness, anaemia, pain in the back and limbs and other physical and psychological disorders that affect the health and efficiency of women.
Ingredients :
Arjuna Bark, Punarnava, Jamun, Lodhra,Triphala, Amgiri,Badchal,Sangejarahat, Nagkesar, Belgiri, Geru, Methi, Dhamasa, Mochras - have styptic action i.e. they help to stop bleeding
Raal, Sangejarahat, Belgiri,Sonth, Punarnava, Lodhra, Triphala, Amgiri, Dhamasa, Badchal, - act as uterine decongestant and anti-inflammatory i.e. reduces uterine swelling (swelling in the womb)
Indrajav, Gokshru, Dhamasa, and Ashok Bark - have uterine sedative action, i.e. relieves pain in the womb
Khoon Kharaba, Indrajav, Geru, Mulethi, Arjuna Bark, Dhamasa, Raal - are antiseptic in nature and help in wound healing
Mulethi, Raal, Indrajav, Geru, Anantamool, Sanay - act as blood purifiers and heamatanic tonic
Amalki, Anantamool, Mulethi, Nagarmotha - are uterine tonics (strengthens the womb)
Femitab is styptic in action. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and uterine decongestant, uterine sedative, antiseptic and wound healer, blood purifier, haemostatic and uterine tonic.
Indications :

Femitab is used in cases of excess of menstrual bleeding, irregular menses, and leucorrhoea and for its antiseptic actions.
Dosage :

One or two capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.
Packing’s : 60's bottle & 1000’S Jar