Nilsin Capsules
Nilsin Capsules

Nilsin Capsules

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Nilsin Capsules
An Ayurvedic treatment for chronic sinusitis and rhinitis.
Nilsin Capsules
=> Reduces nasopharyngeal congestion to open blocked nose and relieves headche.
=> Evacuates paranasal sinuses by its mucolytic action.
=> Modulates immunological process to build up resistance.
=> In long term reduces patients susceptibility to cold.
Nilsin Capsules Contains:
=> Nag Guti : Has decongestant action on nasopharyngeal mucous. Prevents early recurrence to cold, overcomes malaise and body ache.
=> Mahasudarshan : Increases immuno resistance. Effective choorna in chronic febrile disease.
=> Sitopaladi : Expectorant, stimulant, overcomes choorna burning sensation in eyes & body.
=> Sunthi : Anti- inflammatory as well as anti-histaminic.
=> Vach : Relieves broncho spasm.
=> Kosta Kulinjan : Useful in respiratory disorders, cough & sore throat.
Chronic cold problems associated with Sinusitis & Rhinitis, Nasal congestion, Sore throat, Feverishness & Malaise associated with cold.
Pregnancy, Lactation, Hypersensitivity to any ingredient.
Each Nilsin Capsule contains
=> Nag Guti Generic Preparation-80mg
=> Sitophaladi Ch. Generic Preparation-30mg
=> Koshtha kolinjan Alpinia galangal-20mg
=> Mahasudrshan Ch. Generic Preparation-100mg
=> Vacha Acorus calamus-30mg
2 Capsules 2 times a daily

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