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Rasva Natural Fat Binder 60 Capsules

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Rasva Natural Fat Binder 60 Capsules

Rasva Natural Fat Binder 60 Capsules

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Rasva is a clinically proven fat-binder.

Rasva KiOnutrime-Cs capsules is an EU certified medical device for the Treatment of Excess Weight, Prevention of Overweight and Weight Control. Rasva contains KiOnutrime-Cs, an active ingredient from natural plant source that is clinically proven to have a high fat-binding capacity to help neutralise calories from high fat content foods. In-Vitro studies showed a fat-binding capacity of 800 times its own weight with fat.

Rasva is suitable for :
Reducing fat absorption from food.
Supporting a weight reduction diet in cases of excess weight through reduced fat absorption from food. 
A Treatment for excess weight.
Weight control as part of a controlled fat conscious diet.
Reducing cholesterol absorption from food.

The Rasva molecules bind to the fatty calories in foods such as cake, pizza and fried foods, so that the body cannot store them.Rasva recognises excess fatty materials, filtering them out of the food in your stomach and digestive tract, which allows the fat to pass through your system undigested, being bound by the natural active ingredient in Rasva.

Please Note that Rasva is a Fat Binder, it binds with the Fat present in the Food and Junks you eat. But it is not an overnight magic remedy to loose weight. it just binds with the new fat you are consuming, so body have to burn the old fat reserves and hence will loose weight that way.

Since rasva shows its action by mechanical way of binding and hence there is no side effects of Rasva Tablets on Human Body.
Rasva is for those who want to eat what they love but do not want to gain more weight.

Rasva Capsules are 100% Made from Vegetarian Sources

Rasva is an International Brand known worldwide for Weight Loss. It is manufactured by Kitozyme, in Belgium. Imported Product.

Recommended intake quantity to support a weight reduction diet: For overweight subjects (Body Mass Index >26) 2-3 capsules twice a day. To be taken 15 minutes before a main meal with a large glass of liquid.

Recommended intake quantity to support weight control within the scope of a fat conscious diet. 1-2 capsules twice a day
To be taken 15 minutes before a main meal with a large glass of liquid.