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AVN Shaddharana DS Tablets

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AVN Shaddharana DS Tablets

AVN Shaddharana DS Tablets

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Shaddharana Choornam is a herbal powder formulation.In the form of tablets.

Shaddharana churna one of the famous ayurvedic preparation, it consist of 6 herbal ingredients.

Its usage:

  1. Effective in Rheumatic complaints,
  2. skin diseases, piles, diabetes, flatulence, rheumatoid arthritis, gall stones and obesity.

Roga karma: Vatavydhi, kusta, arshas, shopha, pandu, prameha, amavata, urustamba, medogatavata, kaphavritavata, ajeerna, sthoulya.

Dosha karma: Kaphavatahara.

Agni karma: Deepana, pachana

Dosage :

½ to 1 teaspoon along with gomutra or warm water, twice daily before or after food as directed by physician. Tablets 1 or 2 tablets along with water or as directed by the physician.

Shaddharana Choornam  Ingredients:

Chitraka               Plumbago zeylanica        1 Part

Indrayava            Holarrhena antidysenterica         1 Part

Patha    Cyclea peltata    1 Part

Katuka  Picrorhiza kurroa              1 Part

Ativisha                Aconitum heterophyllum             1 Part

Abhaya Terminalia chebula          1 Part

Method of Preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together in specified quantity. According to Astangahradayam Dharuharidra added instead of abhaya and all ingredients are grinded along with cow urine and dried under shade.

Reference : Bhaishajyaratnavali.