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Dabur Gangadhar Churna Vrihat

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Dabur Gangadhar Churna Vrihat

Dabur Gangadhar Churna Vrihat

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Gangadhar Churna(Vrihat)
Sharangdhar Samhita ( Chikitsa
S.No.    Sanskrit Name    Botanical/English Name
1.         Mustaka                 Cyperus rotundus
2.         Araluka                   Oroxylum indicum
3.         Shunthi                   Zingiber officinale
4.         Dhatakipushpa     Woodfordia fruticosa
5.         Lodhra                    Symplocos racemosa
6.         Sugandh bala       Valeriana wallichii
7.         Bilva majja             Aegle marmelos
8.         Motch ras              Bombax malabaricum
9.         Patha                     Cissampelos pareira
10.      Indrayava                Holarrhena antidysenterica
11.      Kutaj tvak               Holarrhena antidysenterica
12.      Amra beej              Mangifera indica
13.      Ativisha                   Aconitum heterophyllum
14.      Lajwanti                 Mimosa pudica

Indication : Diarrhoea and Dysentery. It gives tone to to the intestines, promotes appetite and increases digestive power.
Dose : ½ to 1 teaspoonful(3 to 6gm) twice a day with honey or rice water or as directed by the physician.
Packing : 60 gm.