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Pentacare Yastimadhuquatha Churna

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Pentacare Yastimadhuquatha Churna

Pentacare Yastimadhuquatha Churna

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Yastimadhu, Madhuyashthi

Indian Liquorice

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Rasa:Madhura (sweet), Kashaya (astringent)

Guna:Guru (heavy), Snigdha (oily)

Virya:Shita (cold)

Vipaka:Madhura (sweet)

Doshakarma:Vata-Pitta Shamak (alleviate V and P Dosha)

Useful parts:Roots.

Medicinal uses:

Laxative, demulcent, emllkient, tonics, aphrodisiac. Used in sore throat, cough, genitourinary diseases, anorexia, asthma, persistent low fever.


Powder 1-3 gm

Tablet-1-2 a day or as directed by teh physician.

Benefits and usage:

An effective demulcent and expectorant, Yashtimadhu Churna is useful in dry as well as productive cough and allergic bronchitis.

1. In cough and dyspnoea, its small piece should be chew.

2. Chewing of Madhuyashthi is also beneficial in hoarseness of voice or some irritation in throat.

3. In baldness, hair should be washed with its decoction.

4. In wound, medicated Ghee, prepared with Madhuyashti should be applied on that site.