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Zandu Yavakshar (Suddha )

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Zandu Yavakshar (Suddha )

Zandu Yavakshar (Suddha )

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Yavakshara is a powder form, of alkali preparation.

its usage:

1.Hrudroga – heart diseases,

2.Pandu – anemia,

3.Grahani – malabsoprtion syndrome (IBS)

4.Pleeha – enlargement of spleen,

5.Anaha – bloating, constipation,

6.Galagraha – obstruction in throat,

7.Kasa – coughing and

8.Kaphaja Ashmari – piles of Slaismika variety.

Yavakshara ingredient: yava, barley.

Alkali preparations (Ksharas) in general are sharp, hot, light, unctuous, softening, carminative, corrosive, and caustic, digestive stimulant and depletive. They are cause burns and thereby work like life.

Barley, whole plant is dried, burnt in open air, ash is added with water, left over night. Sedimented portion is discarded and decanted clear liquid is filtered many times

After getting a clear liquid, it is heated and the solid powder which is leftover at the bottom of the vessel is called as Yavakshara.


1/2-1g with gritham or kashayam or warm water.

Side effects:

Since it is a Kshara, it is best avoided in men seeking treatment for infertility, as it may affect the quality and quantity of sperm production. Watch here

In higher doses, it may cause burning sensation.