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Chirayu Muslipak

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Chirayu Muslipak

Chirayu Muslipak

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Musali pak is tablet forms. As the process involves sugar pak, it is named musali pak.

Its usage:

1.In treatment of lean and emaciated individuals.

2.In netra rogas.

3.As aphrodisiac and general strength.


1-2tsf (5-10gm)once or twice daily, according to ayurveda physician, consumed with ghee(cow’s) followed by warm milk after or before food.

Musali pak ingredients:

Sveta musali churna 384g

Syama musali churna 384g

Cow’s milk 768ml

Cow’s ghee 384g

Sugar  double the quantity of all ingredient

Prakshepaka dravyas:

Gokshura 48g

Iksuraka 48g

Satavari 48g

Haritaki 48g

Pippali 48g

Kapikachu 48g

Patra  48g

Lavanga  48g

Kharjura 48g

Jatipatra 48g

Narikela majja  48g

Badam majja  48g

Priyangu beja   48g

Chandana   48g

Draksha    48g

Jayaphala   48g

Suksma ela   48g

Tagara       48g

Vanga bhasma  48g

Water quantity sufficient.


 The 2musali churnas are boiled in milk under medium flame, until it reaches the pak state, like in preparation of kova, add go gritha and fry well, stop heating. now make sarkara pak and add the prakshepaka dravyas stir well and roll the content into vataka or pills form. Let it cool, preserve it in a dry glass jar.

Reference:  Bhaishajya ratnavalli.