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AVP Anthrakutaram Gulika (Small)

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AVP Anthrakutaram Gulika (Small)

AVP Anthrakutaram Gulika (Small)

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Anthrakutharam Gulika is herbal tablet formulation.Antra means intestine.

Its usage:

  1. In treating constipation, bloating of abdomen.
  2. Other intestinal complaints.


  • 1-2tabs once or twice with jaggery, hot water or as directed by the doctor.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata at the level of intestines.

Anthrakutharam Gulika Ingredients:

Hingula – Herbal processed Cinnabar

Abhaya – Terminalia chebula

Hingu – Asa foetida

Saindhava Lavana – Rock salt

Tankana – Purified borax

Vacha – Acorus calamus

Yavakshara – Kshara of Hordeum vulgare

Kuberaksha beeja – Caesalpinia crista

Lashuna – Garlic – Alium sativum

Jayapala – Purified Croton tiglium

Juice of Nirgundi – Vitex negundo

Reference: Sahasrayoga.

  • It contains another ingredient called Yava kshara – Men seeking treatment for oligospermia should take precaution while taking this medicine. Because the medicines containing Kshara ingredient causes depletion in sperm quantity and quality.