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Kottakkal Cheriya Rasanadhi Kashayam

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Kottakkal Cheriya Rasanadhi Kashayam

Kottakkal Cheriya Rasanadhi Kashayam

Made in India
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General instructions for all "kashayam"

5 to 15 ml mixed with 4 times of warm water twice daily with empty stomach at 06.00 AM and 05.30 / 06.00 PM.
Adjuvants as instructed by your physician

Its potency in Vatasonita (disorders of perturbed vata and blood) are immeasurable.
This is genrally presribed for aches and swelling at the ankles, triceps, knees, thighs, waist, back and back of th eneck. 

Dosage :
As per general instructions

Additive : Dhanwantaram or Ksheerabala tailam or Ghee (clarified butter).

Regimen (pathya) : light
No body mouvement is allowed. 
Bathe every third or fourth day in water boiled with Kokilaksha (Hygrophila auriculata) and rub rasnadi choornam over the crown immediately. Use Balaguluchyadi for the head and Pinda tailam for body.

Composition :
Each 10 ml Prepared out of:
» Rasna 0.416g
» Eranda 0.139g
» Bala 0.139g
» Sahachara 0.139g
» Vari 0.139g
» Dusparsa 0.139g
» Vasa 0.139g
» Amrita 0.139g
» Devahva 0.139g
» Ativisha 0.139g
» Ghana 0.139g
» Ikshura 0.139g
» Sathi 0.139g
» Visva 0.139g