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Kottakkal Sonitamritam Kashayam

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Kottakkal Sonitamritam Kashayam

Kottakkal Sonitamritam Kashayam

Made in India
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Sonitamritam Kashayam
This composition for removing toxic states blood. Cleanse the blood of toxins from tissues.

Each 10 ml of the prepared, and comprising:
» Pathya - 7.407 gr
» Gopangama - 7.407 gr
» Nimba - 7.407 gr
All types of blood abnormalities caused by foreign matter, including poisoning and viruses. Rakta dhatu violation (blood tissue) Pachaka pitta, nitrous blood, psoriasis, leprosy, eczema, "boiling" blood, cold sores, rashes, blood contamination problems, skin rash, acne, boils, itchy skin rash, itching, nosebleeds, measles.

General information on the reception of broth:
Depending on the age and weight of man is from 5 to 15 ml broth stir the liquid (boiled and cooled water) in a ratio of 1: 4. (One part of the broth and four parts water). Take depending on the pathology, age and weight, twice or three times a day, 1 hour before meals, 1 or 3 tablespoons the resulting solution. Children up to 3 years, 1 tsp broth diluted in 50 ml of water and allowed to drink during the day. Children 5 years 2 tsp broth diluted in 50 ml of water and allowed to drink during the day. Adults dosage of 10 - 30 ml of broth for a day. The duration of the 5 days to a month.  After that it is necessary to do an indulgence of the intestine.

Restrictions on food! 
At the time of taking this broth must adhere to a certain diet. Do not eat spicy, sour and salty foods too. Do not use toxins (alcohol, drugs). Reduce the amount of canned food. Reduce the consumption of coffee, white sugar and confectionery. Drink during the day more than boiled water. 

Broth has a natural sediment. 

Before use it is necessary to thoroughly shake.