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Sahul Chyawanprash Special

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Sahul Chyawanprash Special

Sahul Chyawanprash Special

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The Classical Rejuvenator & Immunity Booster

Introduction :
Chywanprashis an unmatched, time-tested and scientifically validatedAyurvedicnutraceuticalformulation comprising of Amalaki and around 50 other therapeutic herbs, traditionally used for the prevention and management of Respiratory ailments.
Amalakiis the richest natural source of Vitamin C, with potent antioxidant, immunomodulatory, cytoprotective, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, neuroprotective and hypolipidemic activities.
The exclusive combination of potent herbs with Amalakimakes Chyawanprasha comprehensive Daily Health Supplement for the entire family that perks up strength, energy, vigour and vitality, and considerably delays the aging process.
Dashamoola, Ashtavarga, Guduchi, Draksha, Chaturjatand Pure Honeyendow remarkable adaptogenic propertiesto this rejuvenative tonic, which effectively boosts immunity, protects against recurrent allergies, bacterial and viral infections, and efficiently combats physical and mental stress.
Actions :
» Excellent tonic for the Respiratory tract.
» Improves Immunity and prevents recurrent infections, allergies and inflammations.
» Balances metabolism.
» Boosts strength, energy and vitality.
» Pro-cholinergic and  Anti-amnesic effect - Endows significant protection against Memory Impairment.
» Significant Antioxidant impact - Decreases free radical generation and increases scavenging of free radicals.
» Improves learning ability and increases retention capacity.
» Reduces postprandial glycaemia in the oral glucose tolerance test and reduces blood cholesterol level to a significantly greater extent than vitamin C.

Indications :
Chyawanprash is extremely useful as a Daily Health Rejuvenator for individuals of all age groups. 

It is especially beneficial in the following conditions: 
» Lowered Immunity with frequent bouts of bacterial and viral infections, especially affecting the respiratory tract.
» Prevention against Age-related memory deficit or cognitive decline.
» Stress, Fatigue and Exhaustion.
» Dull Skin, Appearance of Premature Signs of Skin aging.
» General debility.

Dosage / Serving Size
Adults: 1 – 2 Teaspoonful (5 – 10 g) twice daily; 
Children (2 – 12 years): ½ - 1 Teaspoonful (2.5 – 5 g) twice daily.

Note: Ensures best results when taken with warm milk.