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Indusekhara Rasa

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Indusekhara Rasa

Indusekhara Rasa

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purified shilajatu,
abhraka bhasma, 
rasa sindura, 
pravala bhasma, 
lauha bhasma, 
purified haratala, juices or decoctions of barks of bhringaraja, arjuna, nirgundi, adusa, sthalakamala, jalakamala and kutaja.
Process of drug making:

take purified shilajatu, abhraka bhasma, rasa sindura, pravala bhasma, lauha bhasma, svrna makshika bhasma and purified haratala(all taken in equal parts). combine these materials and impregnate the mix seperately with juices or decoctions of barks of bhringaraja, arjuna, nirgundi, adusa,sthalakamal, jalkamal and kutaja. tribute the impregnated mix.following this prepare pills measuring 125mg each.
Method of use/administration:
as directed by the physician and according to the doshas.
fever in pregnantladies, svasa, kasa, raktaisara, sangrahini, vomiting, agnimaandya, alasya and daurbalya.

Reference: Baishajya ratnavali.