Kottakkal Agastya Rasayanam
Kottakkal Agastya Rasayanam

Kottakkal Agastya Rasayanam


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Agastya RasayanamThis is excellent in all tyes of asthma and consumption (phtisis, tuberculosis, etc.).
Develops body power and colour and can be used suitably in asthma, hiccup, chronic fever, gulma (tumors), grahani (irritable bowel syndrome), piles and heart ailments. This is more or less effective in loss of appetite, constipation related to consumption.
Dosage :
10 to 20 gr
Composition :
Dasamula (each) 0.112 g
Swayamgupta 0.112 g
Sankhapushpi 0.112 g
Sathi 0.112 g
Bala 0.112 g
Hastipippali 0.112 g
Apamarga 0.112 g
Pippalimula 0.112 g
Chitraka 0.112 g
Bharngi 0.112 g
Pushkaramula 0.112 g
Yava 3.584 g
Guda 5.600 g
Taila 0.480 ml
Ghrita 0.480 ml
Makshika 0.480 ml
Pippali 0.224 g
Haritaki 1.920 g 

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