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Ayulabs Criston Syrup

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Ayulabs Criston Syrup

Ayulabs Criston Syrup

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Criston Syrup
The ideal lithotriptic in urinary stones
Medication against surgery… Cost effective treatment….!!!

Benefits of Criston Syrup :
» Disintegrates & Dissolves the calculi, clears the blockade.
» Inhibits Crystallization of Phosphates & Oxalates.
» Induces Diuresis, Prevents super saturation of urine

Criston Syrup has ingredients which are mostly diuretic. Criston capsule acts as lithotriptic while syrup acts are as diuretic to expel the stone from the system. Most of the ingredients in syrup act as diuretic they are mostly alksloids; so combined treatment of Criston Capsule and Criston Syrup gives better and faster results in calculi.

Indications for use of Criston Syrup :
Renal calculi, dysuria, anuresis, burning micturition, hematuria secondary infection due to calculous, in U.T.I.

Composition of Criston Syrup :
» Gokshru : (Tribulus terrestris) 60 mg.
» Varunachhal (Crataeva religiosa) : 60 mg.
» Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus) : 60 mg.
» Musta (Cyperus scariosus) : 60 mg.
» Ushir (Andropogonnuricatus) : 60 mg.
» Shatavaru (Asparagus racemosus) : 60 mg.
» Saubhagya (Soda bi bora) : 50 mg.
» Nimbaksat : 50 mg.
» Kshara Parpati : 30 mg.
» Sarjikakshar (Alstonium indicum) : 30 mg.
» Mulikshar (Raphanus sativus) : 20 mg.
» Sauvarchal (Black salt) : 20 mg.
» Ela (Elettaria cardamomum) : 10 mg.
» Yavakshar (Hordeum vulgare) : 10 mg.
» Hinga (Ferula assafoetida) : 10 mg.
» Piperminta sat (Mentha Piparita) : 2 mg.

Dosage of Criston Syrup :
Two to three teaspoonfuls 2 to 3 times a day advised by the physician with plenty of water preferably coconut water. For faster and better results both Criston Capsule and Criston Syrup should be given together for expulsion of calculous from ureter and bladder.