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Ayulabs Fizzle Syrup

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Ayulabs Fizzle Syrup

Ayulabs Fizzle Syrup

Made in India
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Fizzle Syrup
Expectoration Beyond Expectations
For Cough Relief

Benefits of using Fizzle Syrup :
» Asthmatic cough, Productive cough, Chronic Bronchitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchospasm.
» Bromhexine, A Derivative of Vasicine is active principle of Adhatoda Vasica.
» Mucolytic, Bronchodilator & Anti-Histaminic.
» Provides Comparable & safe effects with theophylline.
» Opens up clogged airways.
» Prevents nocturnal cough & Asthmatic attacks

Fizzle syrup is the antiasthmatic couth syrup having bronchodilating and expectorant effect. Fizzle calms down both unproductive and productive cough. It does not contain alcohol, codeine or any other narcotic ingredients. “No side effects” is its principal advantage. Fizzle syrup provides round the clock bronchiloles and bronchiiby expectoration and clears the wind pipe to breathe freely. Fizzle syrup prevents bronchospasms and reduces the viscosity of mucous. Fizzle syrup is a comprehensive product which assures prompt effect to calm down cough and asthmatic attack without causing side effects like drowsiness or sedation or gastric upset.

Indications for uses of Fizzle Syrup :
Asthma, acute and Chronic bronchitis, Tracheaitis, Whooping cough, Allergic rhinitis, Hay fever, Cough, Cold.

Compositions :
Each 10ml Fizzle Syrup contains.
» Somlata (Ephedra vulgaris) 200 mg.
» Bharangi (Clerodendron serratum) 200 mg.
» Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica) 200 mg.
» Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) 200 mg.
» Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 200 mg.
» Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) 100 mg.
» Soynth (Zingiber officinale) 50mg.
» Navsar (Ammonimum murus) 100 mg.
» Nilgiri oil (Eucalyptus globules) 0.006 ml.
» Pipermint sat. 2 mg.

Dosage of Fizzle Syrup :
One or two teaspoonful three times a day or directed by physician.