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Stonvil Syrup

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Stonvil Syrup

Stonvil Syrup

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Stonvil Syrup
Nature's Best Diuretic to flush out renal stones.

Stonvil Syrup
=> Helps to disintegrate calculi.
=> Prevents recurrence.
=> Has powerful diuretic action.
=> Flush out toxins in uremic conditions.
=> Effective in management of UTI
=> Has cooling effect.

Stonvil Syrup Contains:
=> Vayvarna : Reduces urinary calcium secretion. Has stone inhibiting action.
=> Dhamasa : Cooling, Diuretic
=> Pashanbheda : Disintegrates Calculi.
=> Punarnava : Anti -inflammatory, diuretic, Effective in genito-urinary tract.
=> Gokharu : Effective for gram +ve and gram -ve spectrum. Lowers hyper-oxaluria.
=> Nagarmotha : Have anti-inflammatory property
=> Aghada Panchang : Alkalizer, used in renal dropsy.
=> Kuleeth : Possesses anti calcifying activity.

UTI, Burning micturition, Renal and ureteric calculi.

Hyper sensitivity to any ingredients.

Each 5ml. syrup contains extract of
=> Vayavarna Crataeva religiosa-100mg
=> Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa-60mg
=> Gokhru Pedalium murex-60mg
=> Kulith Dolichos biflorus-60mg
=> Aghada Panchang Achyranthes aspera-100mg
=> Pasahnbhed Saxifraga ligulata-100mg
=> Nagarmotha Cyperus rotundus-50mg
=> Dhamasam Fagonia Arabica-100mg

Infants: 1 tsf times a day
Children:  1/2 tsf 2 times a day