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Chirayu Eranda Taila

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Chirayu Eranda Taila

Chirayu Eranda Taila

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Eranda taila

Castor oil is used both externally and internally in Ayurvedic treatment. Its usage in mentioned in a variety of disorders.

Effect on Tridosha:

Castor oil balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.

It is highly beneficial in the below said conditions:

  1. Krimighnam (anti-helminthic, removes worms and parasites)
  2. Shulaghnam – relieves pain (analgesic) and colic
  3. Anila shodhanam – flushes out the morbid vata
  4. Kushtapaha – cures skin diseases
  5. Rasayana – Anti-ageing, immune modulator, rejuvenator, disease modifying
  6. Vardhma hara – cures hernia
  7. Gulma hara – Best in destroying abdominal tumours
  8. Anila-kaphan – Destroys morbid Vata and Kapha and diseases caused by them
  9. Udara – abdominal diseases
  10. Vishama jwara – intermittent fevers etc

Castor oil is sweet in taste, heavy, increases Kapha and balances  Vata, Raktagulma (a type of abdominal tumour specially in females), heart disease, indigestion and fever. – Charaka Sutrasthana.


The dose depends upon the severity of disease, patients gut health and age.

For the purpose of regular treatment (not Panchakarma), the dose is – half to one teaspoon  – 2.5 – 5 ml, once a day.

For children, maximum advised dose per day is usually 2.5 ml.

For the purpose of purgation (Virechana treatment), Castor oil is administered in a dose ranging between 30 – 120 ml, based on doctor’s discretion. But such a high dose, without medical supervision will be very dangerous.