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Dano Anti Dandruff Oil

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Dano Anti Dandruff Oil

Dano Anti Dandruff Oil

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DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil – for all types of dandruff. It has fungicidal activity against P. ovale and hence removes dandruff and prevents further recurrence. It has broad spectrum antifungal activity. It minimizes itching that is associated with dandruff.


Mechanism of action:
» Broad spectrum Fungicidal. (Anti –pityrosporum ovale activity)
» Regulates Keratinocyte turnover and desquamation.

Usage Instruction:
» Apply DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil after bath over the scalp and roots of hair
» Wipe hair and scalp dry before application:
» Apply DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil over the scalp and massage well over the surface
» DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil is presented in an easily absorbing and non-sticky form.
» DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil is recommended for use as regular oil. Use of any other hair oil or creams therefore not necessary.

Benefits of product:
» Freedom from Dandruff
» Scientifically and Clinically proven formula
» Controls itching and dandruff associated hair loss
» Prevents recurrence
» Leave on product, Non sticky


Each 5 ml contains extracts of:
Hibiscus rosasinensis 100 mg
Wrightia tinctoria 100 mg
Cassia alata 100 mg
Azadirachta indica 100 mg
Oleum Cocos nucifera QS

DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil is presented in 100 ml PET CONTAINER.

There are no known contraindication.

Published Studies on efficacy of DANO Anti-Dandruff Oil

Published Articles

(1) Anti-Pityrosporum ovale activity of a herbal drug combination of Wrightia tinctoria RBr and Hibiscus rosasinensis
» Studied by J R Krishnamoorthy and S.Ranganathan
» Published in Indian journal of dermatology Vol45(3) in year 2000

Anti-pityrosporum activity of a herbal combination of Wrightia tinctoria and Hibiscus rosasinensis was tested in vitro against the isolates of Pityrosporum ovale recovered from dandruff .The drug combination exhibited fungicidal activity at a concentration ranging between 500 to 1000g/ml

2. Dano Anti-Dandruff Oil – A Herbal solution for Dandruff
» Studied by J.R. Krishnamoorthy1, S. Ranganathan2*, S. Gokul Shankar2 and M. S. Ranjith2
» Published in African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 5 (10), pp. 960-962, 16

May 2006 ISSN 1684–5315 © 2006 Academic Journals

Microbiological and Clinical Efficacy of Dano Anti-Dandruff Oil, a Siddha oil preparation was studied using In vitro Assay, Methylene Blue Reductase Test and Reduction of Severity of Dandruff Symptom – Scaling post use. The study findings show that Dano Anti-Dandruff Oil is the best drug of choice for the management of Dandruff. The findings are presented in the paper.