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Mahaved Sheen Hair Fall Solution

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Mahaved Sheen Hair Fall Solution

Mahaved Sheen Hair Fall Solution

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Reactivation Hair Follicles.
Increasing Blood Flow ti the scalp
Providing nutrition to the follicles
Improving the mineral balance.
INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Recommended quantity per application 4-6 ml. for men, 8-10ml. for women.
Presentation: Plastic Bottle of 150ml. Lotion
Qty. In %:  
Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) 7% Anckol (Alangium Lamarckii) 6%
Shikakai (Acacia Concinna DC) 7% Jhau (Tamarix Gallica) 6%
Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba Hassk) 7% Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) 6%
Jatamansi (Narbostachys Jatamansi) 6% Gheeguwar (Aloe Vera/ Aloe Rupescens) 6%
Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea Linn) 6% Satpudina (Mentha Piperata/ Oil of Peppermint) 1%
Mehndi (Lawsonia Inermis) 6% Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Q.S.
Hair Growth
The growth of hair occurs in repeated cycles. Each individual hair strand has its own growth cycle independent of the surrounding hair. Each cycle comprises three distinct stages.
Anagen Phase
During this phase hair cells rapidly multiply to produce new hair from the follicle. On an average, over 85% of all hair is in the Anagen phase at any one time. This growth phase can vary from 2 to 6 years depending on the individual and sex. The length of this phase will determine how long the hair will grow.
Catagen Phase 
By the end of the Anagen phase, hair enters an intermediate phase where the hair stops growing and the base of the follicle moves upwards towards the scalp. Lasting for about 2 to 4 weeks, during this phase the hair follicle shrinks to about 1/6 of its normal length.
Telogen Phase
Lasting about 5-6 weeks this is a phase when a new hair begins to grow from the follicle. A new hair gradually grows towards the surface and the old hair is naturally shed in the process. At any given time over 10-15% of an individual's hair is in the shedding phase. By the end of the telogen phase, hair emerges from the same opening and a new growth cycle or the anagen phase begins all over again.
Our hair goes through a natural cycle of growth and fall and as part of this process, we lose a certain amount of hair after our hair has completed its period of growth. The fact is that there is no fixed numbers of hair lost that can be considered abnormal. Excessive hair loss simply means losing more hair than you naturally lose. A Trichologist (medical hair expert) can check this, by calculating your A/T ratio (i.e. ratio of growth to ratio of fall). The A/T ratio, in normal hair is 80:20; any deviation in this will lead to hair loss or excessive hair growth.
After 6 years of intensive research, product development and testing, Marico has launched Sheen Hair Fall Solution-the expert hair fall solution that is completely natural and safe to use.
Find out more about how Sheen Hair Fall Solution works to combat hair loss!
Sheen Hair Fall is Natural
Saw Palmetto (herb)-Dilates blood vessels naturally, increasing blood flow to hair follicles and providing nourishment to hair follicles
Ginkgobiloba (Oriental herb)-Promotes blood circulation
Herbal Extracts-Provides nourishment and strengthens hair
Protein Blend-Activates dormant hair follicles, Supplements loss of hair proteins.
Vitamin Blend-Nourishes hair follicles.
Mineral Blend-Supplements mineral deficiency
How to use Sheen Hair Fall Solution
The recommended quantity per application is 4-6ml for men & 8-10ml for women
For optimum usage, pour the quantity into the calibrated cup provided with the bottle
Gently massage into the entire scalp for a few minutes. Leave it on for at least 8 hours. Preferably apply at night.
Wash it off the next day with a mild shampoo.
Apply thrice a week.
After hair fall is under control, continue using Sheen Hair Fall Solution at least once a week to prevent recurrence.
What does Sheen Hair Fall Solution contain? 
Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Solution contains-Root Activising Alpha Proteins-a blend of natural proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals. Being natural ingredients, it makes the product completely safe and very effective in controlling hair fall. It also contains coconut oil to offer you basic benefits like-making hair soft / smooth / shiny etc
Who can use this product?
Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Solution is for people who suffer from a hair fall problem (commonly understood as hair fall in excess of 50 to 100 strands per day). Excessive hair fall could be caused by stress, an imbalanced diet, improper hair care, pollution, dust, poor quality water etc. The product is not indicated for hereditary baldness.
How do I know that Sheen Hair Fall Solution is effective and absolutely safe to use?
=>  Sheen Hair Fall Solution is backed with extensive research and consumer trials.
=>  The product is the result of six years of intensive research by Marico.
=>  It contains natural ingredients like vitamins, herbs, minerals and proteins.
How long will the product take to resolve my hairfall problem?
If you use Sheen Hair Fall Solution as per the pack instructions, you notice the reduction in hair fall within the first 45 days of use. For younger people, or people with less serious hair fall, you will experience benefits even earlier than 45 days.
Should I use Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall solution in combination with an oil?
For best results it is recommended that you do not mix Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Solution with any oil.
Can Sheen Hair Fall Solution be used by anyone?
Yes this product is completely safe and can be used by absolutely anyone. Men and women of any age can use this product.
Is Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Solution complicated to use? How do I use it?
It is easy to use; apply as per recommended dosage of 5-7ml for males and 8-10 ml for females. Massage at night and wash off next morning with a mild shampoo. Apply at least thrice a week. Quantity applied, frequency and time of application should be as per instructions for you to see best results.
How does it prevent hair fall?
=>  Protein-Supplements lost hair proteins
=>  Vitamins-Provide nutrition to follicles
=>  Herbs-Nourish hair and improve hair circulation
=>  Minerals-Supplement Mineral Deficiency.
What are the causes of hair fall?
Hair fall may happen due to several reasons like aging, genetic pre-disposition, dietary imbalance, stress or heredity. This product does not cure hair fall due to hereditary problems and ageing.
Can I continue to use my previous hair oil, once I start using Sheen Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Solution?
Sheen Hair Fall Solution has all the goodness of coconut oil, and a lot more-a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals. Hence, if you use Sheen Hair Fall Solution hair fall solution as per usage instructions, you don't need any other hair oil. But, if you wish too, you may still continue using your previous hair oil.
Can i continue to use an oil after washing my hair even after using Sheen Hair Fall Solution solution overnight?
Yes, they can continue to use both.
Will Sheen Hair Fall Solution be harmful, if kept on for more than 8 hours?
Sheen Hair Fall Solution has natural root activising proteins, a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals, which makes it completely safe and effective to use for adults. You can leave it on for more than 8 hours. There are absolutely no side effects of Sheen Hair Fall Solution
Do we have to apply Sheen Hair Fall Solution only at night or can we use it during day time too?
We recommend that the product be left on for 8 hours, preferably overnight. However, since the product is not very sticky, you could choose to apply it during the day time and leave it on when you go outdoors. But please ensure that you leave it on for at least 8 hours for best results.