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Avn Saptasaram Kashayam Tablet

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Avn Saptasaram Kashayam Tablet

Avn Saptasaram Kashayam Tablet

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Saptasaram Kashayam Tablet
Kashayam refers to a decoction or extract of a herb or a group of herbs. Kashayam contains mostly water soluble herbs which are easily absorbed by the intestines. In Ayurveda, a Kashayam is named after the herbs used in it.
Kashaya is not preferred by many due to its bitter taste and the fuss in carrying the liquid bottles. The availability of Kashaya tablets makes it convenient for such users to take them without trouble.
Saptasaram Kashaya is highly effective in combination with different anupanas in indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain, low back pain, abdominal distension (Gulmam) and splenomegaly (Pleeha). It is also useful in menstrual disorders. Its adjuvants are Jaggery, Pippali powder, Saindhavam, and Hingu powder.

Benefits of Saptasaram Kashaya
» Useful in the treatment of hip pain and lower back pain.
» Treats menstrual pain.
» Improves digestion and regulates bowel movements.
» Also used in splenic disorders.

Ingredients in Saptasaram Kashyam
» Varshabhu- Boerhavia diffusa
» Vilwa - Aegle marmelos
» Kalwa- Dolichos Biflorus
» Urubu- Ricinus communis
» Sahachara- Strobilanthus heynianus
» Sunti- zingiber officinale
» Agnimantha- Premna corymbosa

Usage Instructions
Time to take Kashaya Tablets
In the morning, between 6.00 am and 7.30 am on empty stomach, and in the evening between 5.00pm and 6.30 pm on empty stomach.
If the patient suffers from acidity, flatulence or sour belching he or she can take Kashaya half an hour after tea.
Following these usage instructions and lifestyle recommendations are essential to get best results. There are no known side effects of this medicine. However, all medications should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Self medication is discouraged.

High dose may lead to diarrhea.
Dosage: 2 tablet twice a day before food
Packing Size : 100 Tablets