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AVN Setebid Tablets

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AVN Setebid Tablets

AVN Setebid Tablets

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Setebid Tablets
The Natural Anti-hyperglycemic Agent with Powerful Anti-oxidant Action & Multiple Benefits.
Each tablet is made from concentrated extract of
» Curcuma longa: Haridra (Turmeric)
» Emblica officinalis: Amla
» Eugenia jumbolana: Jambu
» Commiphora mukul: Guggulu
» Strychnos potatorum: Kataka
» Acacia catechu: Khadira
» Berberis aristata: Yashti
» Humbolotia vahliana: Attuvanchi
» Mangifera indica: Chuta
» Terminalia chebula: Abhaya
» Cyperus rotundus: Musta

Mode of action
» Controls hyperglycemia by enhancing cellular glucose uptake.
» Reduces the need for  OHA/Insulin by augmenting the action of available insulin.
» Provides powerful anti-oxidants to neutralize free-radicals.
» Offers protection against end-organ complications by retarding micro/macro-vascular damage.

Time of administration
1/2 Hour before food







2 T.I.D.

Prevents Diabetes

Obese Diabetes Millitus Type II

Stand Alone

2 T.I.D.

Controls blood glucose, Helps avoid OHAs

Non-Obese Diabetes Millitus Type II

Adjuvant to OHAs

2 B.I.D.

Reduction in dose of OHA, Prevention of end organ complications

Diabetes Millitus Type I

Adjuvant to Insulin

2 B.I.D.

Reduction in dose of insulin, Prevention of complications



2 T.I.D.

Corrects PCOD, Helps induce ovulation