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Dhootapapeshwar Shilapravang Special

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Dhootapapeshwar Shilapravang Special

Dhootapapeshwar Shilapravang Special

Made in India
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Shilapravang Special is the special Saptadhatuposhak, Balya & Vajikar Yoga. It promotes formation of best quality Saptadhatu including Shukradhatu, in quality as well as quantity. Alongwith the strengthening of the Shukrasthana it also increases the sustaining capacity. It boosts Stamina, Vigour & vitality & relieves mental stress, anxiety, fatigue.

Benefits of Shilapravang:

  • Progress male sexual functioning
  • Avert Erectile Dysfunction and achieve strong, healthy erections
  • Increase erect penis size and volume
  • Boost arousal and sexual desire
  • Raise sexual energy levels
  • Achieve stronger and more pleasurable ejaculation, increasing the performance time
  • Revitalize the male reproductive and hormonal systems
  • Improve anxiety caused by problems in sexual performance


Each tablet contains -
Shuddha Shilajit 40 mg, Pravala Bhasma 20 mg, Vanga Bhasma 20 mg, Suvarnamakshik Bhasma 20 mg, Guduchi Satva 20 mg, Ashwagandha 60 mg, Shatavari 15 mg, Gokshur 15 mg, Balamoola 15 mg, Amalaki 10 mg, Akarkarabh 10 mg, Jatiphal 5 mg, Karpoor 5 mg, Latakasturi beej 20 mg, Kraunchbeej 90 mg, Makardhwaj 10 mg, Suvarna Bhasma 1 mg, Mouktik Pishti 1 mg

Shukrakshaya, Premature ejaculation, Nocturnal emission, Indriya Shaithilya, Dourbalya, Manodourbalya / Dhatudourbalya, Klaibya, Purusha Vandhyatva

1 to 2 tablets 2 times a day with milk