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Kerala Glymin Tablet

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Kerala Glymin Tablet

Kerala Glymin Tablet

Made in India
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Description:Glymin™ Tablet is a unique proprietary formulation recommended for the management of diabetes mellitus and its possible long term complications. Prepared using a rich combination of Prameha (Anti-diabetic) herbs, namely, Nisamlaki (Curcuma longa & Emblica officinalis), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Meshashringi (Gymnema sylvestre), Asana (Pterocarpus marsupium), Jamun (Syzygium cumini), Salacia along with Shilajit, an ayurvedic rejuvenator rich in minerals and vitamins, Glymin acts by renormalizing blood glucose levels and maintaining lipid profile balance, naturally.

GlyminTM Tablet is Your Ammunition in your War against Diabetes!!! 


Key Benefits:

-Helps Renormalize Blood Glucose Levels

-Helps Manage possible Long Term Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

-Helps Maintain Lipid Profile Balance -Helps Improve Insulin Secretion & Glucose Utilization

-Helps Minimize Polyphagia 



Each GLYMINTM TABLET contains: Extracts of –

  1. Asana (Pterocarpus marsupium)65 mg
  2. Saptaranga (Salacia chinensis)55 mg
  3. Jambu (Syzygium cumini) 35 mg
  4. Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)34.8 mg
  5. Meshashiringi (Gymnema sylvestre)45 mg
  6. Karavallaka (Momordica charantia)25 mg
  7. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)15 mg
  8. Saurabhanimba (Murraya koenigii)11.6 mg
  9. Haridra (Curcuma longa)11.6 mg
  10. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) 5 mg
  11. Tvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)2.5 mg

Powders of –

  1. Godanti 10 mg


  • Maturity onset diabetes mellitus
  • NIDDM (Type-II Diabetes)


2 tablets thrice daily before food or as directed by the physician