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Sitaram Siva Gulika

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Sitaram Siva Gulika

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Sivagulika, a multi-faceted rasayana prayoga, is mentioned in the context of Prameha Chikitsa in the classical text Bhaishajyaratnavali. The term ‘Siva’ depicting harmony or balance is indicative of the product’s potential to rectify the metabolic environment in your body. It harnesses the immense rejuvenative potential of Shilajit to protect your body from the ravages of disease and age.


Features & Benefits

Shilajit, a prime rejuvenative mentioned in Prameha chikitsa, is serially potentiated with decoctions of Triphala, Guduchi, Patola, Bala and Yashti, each with superlative pittasamana action, making it capable of stimulating and maintaining metabolism.

The product is fortified with the nourishing qualities of Jeevaniya gana drugs, milk and ghee, which promotes tissue level repair and rejuvenation.

Gradual ‘malanirharana’ or flushing out of metabolic waste or toxins from the body, is ensured. Effective in inflammatory arthritis, skin diseases and conditions arising from impure blood and tissue.

Restores healthy circulation of blood and lymph in the body.

Promotes healthy functioning of the endocrine system. Advised for chronic diabetes patients to manage excessive glucose in circulation and insulin resistance.

Helps in managing over-weight and hyperlipidemia.

Can be used with suitable adjuvants to increase digestion, absorption and tissue repair in emaciated individuals.

Excellent aphrodisiac and rejuvenative.


Dosage and Instructions

Adults: 12 gms daily in divided doses of 3-5 gms