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Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari Tablets

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Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari Tablets

Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari Tablets

Made in India
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Asparagus racemosus helps mother to lactate more, useful in treating male and female infertility, induces sleep, calms mind and stomach and much more.

Comes under the groups:

  1. Balya – Strength and immunity promoting group of herbs
  2. Vayasthapana – Anti aging group of herbs
  3. Madhura skandha – Sweet tasting group of herbs.

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata and Pitta

Part used – Tuberous roots


Fresh juice 10-20 ml,

Decoction (Kashaya) – 50-100 ml;

Powder 3-6 g in divided dose per day.

Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus medicinal uses:

Vrushya – Aphrodisiac

Kshayajit – useful in chronic respiratory disorders, tuberculosis

Asrajit – useful in blood disorders,

Ayushya, Vaya Sthapani, Rasayanavara – A very good anti aging medicine

Shukrala – improves sperm and semen quantity and quality

Stanyada – improves breast milk production

Medhya – improves intelligence

Pushtida – nutritious, improves nourishment

Chakshushya – improves vision, good for eyes, useful in eye disorders

Pittasrahara – useful in bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, menorrhagia, rectal bleeding etc.

Gulmajit – useful in abdominal tumors

Atisarajit – Relieves diarrhea

Shophajit – Reduces swelling, anti inflammatory

Retodoshahara – improves sperm quality, improves sperm and semen health and sperm mobility

Garbhaprada – relieves infertility

Kshataksheenahara – relieves chest injury, injury with bleeding.