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Zandu Haritaki (Harde) Tablet

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Zandu Haritaki (Harde) Tablet

Zandu Haritaki (Harde) Tablet

Made in India
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Haritaki fruit is one among the three, that constitute Triphala.

Harad qualities:

Rasa (taste) – Five tastes except salt, Astringent dominant

Guna (qualities) – Laghu – lightness, Rooksha – dryness

Vipaka – Madhura – Undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion.

Veerya – Ushna – Hot potency

Hareetaki seed kernel is sweet, the fiber part is sour, fruit rind is bitter, skin is pungent and seed is astringent in nature.

Vranya – it helps to improve skin complexion

Ushna – hot in nature

Sara – promotes bowel movement

Medhya – improves intelligence.

Doshaghna – natural detoxifying

Shothanut – relieves inflammation

Kushtanut – useful in skin diseases

Deepana – improves digestion strength

Chakshushya – good for eyes, improves vision power

Rasayana – anti aging, rejuvenative

Ayushya – improves life expectancy

Bruhmani – nourishing, improves body weight

Anulomani – helps in normalising bowel movements

Shwasahara – useful in Asthma, COPD< wheezing, breathing difficulty

Kasahara – relieves cold and cough

Pramehahara – Useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders

Arshahara – useful in piles

Effect on tridoshas: it balances al the three doshas.


1 – 6 grams of fruit powder along with required co-drink or ingredient, based on disease, once or twice a day, in single or divided dose, as per discretion of Ayurvedic doctor.