Good service,packaing,fast delivery.... Thanks
   PRAVEEN  |  24/11/2016
Very nice
   PRASHANT MAHADIK  |  20/11/2016
the item is good
   DEVA NARAYANAN VP  |  16/11/2016
Thanks for your prompt and fast delivery.
   P.KOCHUKRISHNA MENON  |  29/09/2016
   KAILASH  |  28/09/2016
Excellent super
   MADHUSUDAN Y  |  28/09/2016
We are very happy with the service. We received shipment on time.Thanks
Thanks, to promote aayr , here maximum medicine are available , but still need to increase . Thanks for instance delivery. Plz improve search options
   GAURAV NATH SHUKLA  |  27/09/2016
Prompt delivery. Packing excellent
   SRIRAM IYER  |  28/09/2016
Good products. Arrived on time.Great Seller
   BASKAR  |  27/09/2016
Very prompt and good service, impressed. Will come back .. for any future requirements, and will strongly recommend to friends to use you. thank y
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Very prompt and good service, impressed. Will come back .. for any future requirements, and will strongly recommend to friends to use you. thank y
   GURUMURTHY ARODI  |  21/09/2016
Good service
   RAJASANKARAN   |  20/09/2016
Good service
   RAJASANKARAN   |  20/09/2016
Nice packaging and on time delivery. Thanks.
   SAGAR PATIL  |  17/09/2016
Nice service, nice packing, quick delivery, good products. Thanks.
   DR JV HEBBAR  |  17/09/2016
Its good product
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Thanks for your committed service and proper communication system in place.The consignment has received in good conditions. good
   PRAKASH BKS  |  13/09/2016
Good service.
   KSHITIZ  |  11/09/2016
in 0ne word -EXCELLENT- covers experience connected with placing order, making payment, packing and timely delivery.keep it up!
   PADMANABHAN IYER  |  11/09/2016
Received the ordered items in good condition. Appreciate the delivery schedule. Keep it up.
   N V RAVINDRAN  |  09/09/2016
   SAMUEL MASILAMANI  |  02/09/2016
service is good
   S.VISWANATHAN  |  01/09/2016
Kottakkal all products are always reliable.
   PRAVEEN P  |  31/08/2016
   BINDU G RAJAN  |  30/08/2016
Great service.
   PARAG MEHTA  |  29/08/2016
Great experience.
   AKASH BASU  |  29/08/2016
I received the package in less than 3 days. Thanks. your service is good.
   BHUVANA   |  29/08/2016
Very good. Your service
Quality Product + Prompt Shipping+ Good Packing. Thanks
   LALJI V SHAMJI  |  23/08/2016
Thanks for prompt service
   RAJESH P P  |  22/08/2016
The service is good, the delivery was quick. Thank you. Will order again.
   SAGAR  |  19/08/2016
Thank you !
   SENTHILKUMAR  |  17/08/2016
Best delivery service
   SOLANKI BANSI  |  20/08/2016
Good & Quick Service.
   SHASHIKANTH GOLTHAJE  |  15/08/2016
Good in services to the custamers
   B NAGARAJU  |  12/08/2016
The packing was very perfect and the bottles were undamaged.Thanks.
   VIVEK NARAYAN  |  08/08/2016
Good ,quick and reliable service.
   SURESH JOSHI  |  05/08/2016
Good service
Best service
   PRASHANT PRAKASH RANE  |  01/08/2016
Good. Quick response to queries. Nice products available.
   SUNIL P  |  01/08/2016
delivered timely
   ABHISHEK KUMAR SINHA  |  29/07/2016
Awesome awesome experience, delivered in just 2 days flat. Kudos to the team of EAYUR - EXPRESS AYUR ? JUST KEEP IT UP
   SATYA SRI RAM DIVI  |  29/07/2016
Thanks for the prompt delivery. I only wish tracking the package was easier.
   SINDHU S  |  27/07/2016
On time delivery.
   RANI JOY  |  27/07/2016
Excellent service and quick delivery
   SASHIDHAR  |  21/07/2016
   ELSA BABU  |  21/07/2016
i received the parcel in tact. it was well packed. please maintain it thanking yiu
   S.VISWANATHAN  |  19/07/2016
Nice. Thank You received today
   MALLESHAM CIDDU   |  15/07/2016
This is my second order. Speediest delivery. No hassles. Fully satisfied.
   S. UMAMAHESWARAN  |  13/07/2016
Excellent service and quick delivery
   SASHIDHAR  |  12/07/2016
Good service. Thanks
   R. K. GUPTA  |  11/07/2016
Good service & fast delivery. 10 on 10
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delivery was fast had a good packing also
   SAMUEL PRAKASH  |  11/07/2016
The Packaging was excellent. and timely delivery.
   SATAN. CHATTERJEE  |  08/07/2016
   B V KAMATH  |  06/07/2016
Very prompt delivery
   SUNIL GOPALKRISHNA  |  07/07/2016
The "" site is good and easy to use. The delivery of the product is very swift. The overall experience is good.
   AVISHEK GHOSH  |  08/07/2016
Thanx for the timely delivery!
   DHRUV WORAH  |  05/07/2016
good .i happy with the products
   SAILAJA CHEKURI  |  05/07/2016
The order was delivered amazingly in time and intact
   AVINASH  |  03/07/2016
Excellent service n products..keep it up
   B. BHUSHAN P  |  25/06/2016
thank you it was on time
   ABHISHEK  |  23/06/2016
I got my order today.I m very happy to got my order on time.
   VIKAS JAISWAL  |  21/06/2016
thanks sir for quick delivery.
   DR SHASHIKANTH G SOMANI  |  22/06/2016
Wonderful service I could say. I ordered these midnight and I get the products next day noon. I was little worried before ordering since they were u
   LAVANYA  |  21/06/2016
Prompt service.received the parcel in very good condition .it helps people to get the medicines delivered at door steps
   RAJASREE P  |  18/06/2016
Good. Well packed.
   SENTHILKUMAR  |  17/06/2016
Quick delivery
   SAMUEL MASILAMANI  |  17/06/2016
Very good and prompt delivery.
   VIJAY RATHORE  |  19/06/2016
Excellent service and quick delivery
   ARUN MALKANI  |  16/06/2016
   VISHWANATHA G  |  18/06/2016
thanks for timely delivery. We got the exact product what we ordered. Thank you. we may shop more soon...
   JYOTSNAKIRAN  |  14/06/2016
   B.SATYANARAYANA  |  14/06/2016
Thanks Sir, Quick & Good Service
   SAVITRI HIREMATH  |  13/06/2016
Thank you for a quick and good service!
   GURUPRASAD K  |  14/06/2016
1. Wonderful service and timely delivery. 2. Medicines were of latest manufacture 3. I would not have got these special medicines of a particular ph
   DR SHIV SHANKAR BISWAS  |  12/06/2016
fantastic service & very quick delivery. impressed
   VINAY HEGDE  |  10/06/2016
Good service
   AVINASH KHATRI  |  10/06/2016
Good delivery was on time : Excellent job
   NOOR AYESHA  |  07/06/2016
Excellent package and excellent service, very much satisfied with the previous order
   SATYA SRI RAM DIVI  |  07/06/2016
Service is very good ..I appriciate
   SAGAR PANDIT  |  07/06/2016
Very quick service.
   SHASHIKANTH GOLTHAJE  |  04/06/2016
the best service. keep it up
   S.VISWANATHAN  |  04/06/2016
   VISHWANATHA G  |  05/06/2016
Great product delivery. i like it. thank you so much eayur..i suggest to all this site.
   SUBRAHMANYAM  |  01/06/2016
Very fast delivery..........
   MUTHUKUMAR  |  31/05/2016
Best service
   MAYUR DAND  |  30/05/2016
Fast delivery and good packaging
   NEHA DHAR  |  30/05/2016
   EMERALD  |  26/05/2016
Good service
   SIKINDER REDDY   |  24/05/2016
The item delivery delayed . but customer support was good.
   SAMYUKTHA BOGI  |  24/05/2016
got the product on time.
   NILOFER  |  22/05/2016
   VISHWANATHA G  |  22/05/2016
Extremely responsive. Thanks.
   SANTOSH NAVAYATH  |  20/05/2016
Excellent. Service.
   SIVAKUMAR ES  |  18/05/2016
low rate. good quality. superb delivery. very happy
   VIPIN KUMAR  |  18/05/2016
   NATHIYA.C  |  22/06/2016
excellent service, super fast delivery, top class packing, superior products from maharshi ayurveda. 100% satisfied. thanks a lot.
   VISHWANATHA G  |  16/05/2016
Prompt action and delivery as always.
   LAVANYA  |  13/05/2016
   BHAGYASREE  |  13/05/2016
Delivered as promised. Great work!! Gives me confidence to order again & again. Keep it up!
   RAMESH VAIDYA  |  09/05/2016
Excellent service, I was bit worried about the expiry date of medicines while ordering, but you have sent fresh stock. Really good. Excellent packin
   SATYA SRI RAM DIVI  |  09/05/2016
Very good service
   DIVYAKUMAR  |  07/05/2016
E AYUR responded promptly and provided the requested Product right in time to us. We wish to avail their service in future too. Thank you E AYUR - BPA
   BPA SASTRY  |  06/05/2016
My order was promptly handled, very fast service.
   BANWARI LAL GOYAL  |  07/05/2016
Thanks for delivery in time.
   GULAB CHANDRA  |  06/05/2016
Excellent Service; Very prompt and sincere in response; Impressed with the business ethics!
   JAYANTH M KATTEPUR  |  04/05/2016
Excellent service ,delivery in less than 24 hours.
   SURESH DESHPANDE  |  28/04/2016
   RADHIKA BHAT  |  28/04/2016
Best service I have ever come across. You order morning and its delivered same day afternoon via their own staff. Relying on Eayur is hazzel free.
   LAVANYA  |  26/04/2016
I have received my order with properly packed..
   ASHWIN  |  25/04/2016
Fast delivery great service! Thanks. :)
   DR JV HEBBAR  |  21/04/2016
First time had dealing with you. You are prompt in executing order. I would give 4 out of 5, even 9 out of 10.
Prompt Delivery.
   DILIP KUMAR  |  21/04/2016
Prompt delivery on the third day and without any extra charges. Thank you eayur.
   CAPT VN KAUL  |  19/04/2016
Good Delivery in time.
   MADHU PRIYA  |  30/04/2016
i received my order item, tank u
   SHALMAJENI  |  14/04/2016
Delivery is very fast. Thanks team
   NARAYAN  |  13/04/2016
Very happy to receive the parcel on time. Prompt delivery. Good customer support. Thank you very much
   SANGEETHA  |  12/04/2016
   BHARTI  |  05/04/2016
ordered medicines delivered quickly. thanks for that when we are in need urgently.
   SURESH NATARAJAN  |  04/04/2016
Quick delivery and secure packing.
   H.SRINIVAS SHASTRY  |  01/04/2016
Very good service.
I am greatly impressed by your faster delivery.
   DEEPA  |  25/03/2016
Very good site, good product range, quick delivery
   ANKIT GUPTA  |  22/03/2016
really good and fast service.
   COMMANDER RAM KRISHAN  |  22/03/2016
Good and fast. Service.
   VINAY NAIR  |  19/03/2016
Excellent service,will recommend all my friends and family.Much Appreciated
   GINEESH  |  15/03/2016
Very fast delivery. Good range of products
   VINU FELIX  |  14/03/2016
Online shopping is based on mutual trust of both parties. Hope it should be to the benefit of both
   N SUBRAMANIAN  |  10/03/2016
Very fast response & quick deliveries. Very easy to place orders online...
   SWAPNIL MODI  |  08/03/2016
Nice dealing experience.Same product as described. high recommend ed .A++++++++
   KULDEEP  |  08/03/2016
happy with fast delivery . from Bangalore to deoghar (Jharkhand ) in just less then 48 hour
   AMBUJ KUMAR  |  04/03/2016
fast services
   BHARTI  |  01/03/2016
   DR.CHAKRAPANI  |  01/03/2016
good experience from eayur, product also very good for for those who suffered from kapha
   A V R SARATH CHANDRA  |  27/02/2016
Best service as always.
   LAVANYA  |  27/02/2016
Good and fast service.
   M SUDARSHAN  |  26/02/2016
Superb delivery in tym
   OM PRAKASH  |  25/02/2016
Prompt delivery
   ANJU V  |  23/02/2016
Superb service...Thnku...
   CHANDNI SETHI  |  23/02/2016
   RAHIB RAHMAN   |  23/02/2016
   SAMRIDDHA ADHIKARI  |  16/02/2016
The delivery was very quick Packing was very good Overall service is excellent
   VENU  |  15/02/2016
Dear Sir, Thank you very much for sending the Evatone Ayurvedic Medicine in prompt & Correct Delivery.. We never forgot your service. Thank You ve
   PHANIAKONDI  |  13/02/2016
Very good service
   SURESH NATARAJAN  |  13/02/2016
faster delivery than all the other providers . Completely satisfied. Got my product in 2 days (Bangalore location)
   SASHIDHAR  |  11/02/2016
   D MANJUNATH  |  08/02/2016
Good products. delivered well.
   MOHAN BABU K  |  14/02/2016
Excellent service, i ordered my medicines on Friday morning, and it reached me by 6 pm the next day, Saturday. Thank you all of you!
   SUMAN VERMA  |  01/02/2016
Received the item as per commitment. No damage in transit noted. Good customer service
   N. MAHADEVAN  |  01/02/2016
Excellent response within 2 days.
   S. UMAMAHESWARAN  |  27/01/2016
Very very happy with the service and the product. I~m thankful to to deliver the products with right quality and at right time. Highly recom
   SANDEEP PATIL  |  28/01/2016
Excellent and quick delivery. Good customer service too.
   CHANDRAKANT PATEL  |  25/01/2016
Very good
   P V RAMESH  |  20/01/2016
thanks for fast delivery.
   RAJESH GEORGE  |  19/01/2016
delivered safely in time as usual
   ARCHANA  |  18/01/2016
as usual fast and neat thanks
   K.NAGESWARA RAO  |  11/01/2016
Thanks eayur for the prompt delivery of Sri Sri products that I had ordered. Would love to order from your website again!!!
   MUNISHA  |  11/01/2016
   BHARTI  |  09/01/2016
Fast Delivery
   SARANYA  |  08/01/2016
Excellent services
   SELVI VEL  |  07/01/2016
Very well packaged. Thanks
   LAKSHMI SUBRAMANIAN  |  07/01/2016
fast shipping ,neat and safe packing
   K.NAGESWARA RAO  |  06/01/2016
Thank you. I always find prompt delivery of the medicines ordered. and the information about the order receipt to delivery is again very good. Timely
   SELVI VEL  |  04/01/2016
Very Efficient. I am satisfied with the service. Keep up the good work!
   SOMESH  |  01/01/2016
   UMASHANKER  |  30/12/2015
Thank you
   NABONITA DAS  |  31/12/2015
cool .. all things delivered before time and good price
   SACHI  |  31/12/2015
Good :)
   SREERAM.R  |  29/12/2015
it was very quick and well packed. Would be happier if the supply of certain items is increased as we use ayurvedic medicines regularly! thanks!
   PRIYA  |  28/12/2015
Good service
   SANDHYA MANOJ KUMAR  |  27/12/2015
Very prompt and efficient, thanks!
   NATASHA MEHTA  |  22/12/2015
   SANDHYA MANOJ KUMAR  |  18/12/2015
Very prompt...had a good experience buying products on this site.
   ABHILASH NAMBIAR  |  16/12/2015
5 star superfast
   S RANGARAJAN  |  13/12/2015
super and satisfied
   M.RAJENDRAN  |  10/12/2015
prompt fast delivery
   K.NAGESWARA RAO  |  06/12/2015
Great job
   RAJESH RAJAN  |  04/12/2015
Delivered before expected date & very good packing. Medicines received in good condition. Keep it up.... Continue to place order in future..
   B INDRA PRAKASH  |  05/12/2015
   KARTHIKEYAN B  |  05/12/2015
Very fast delivery and good packing
   RAKESH KATTAMUDI  |  08/12/2015
Very quick delivery within a day.Appreciate your promptness.
   VINITA CHOPRA  |  03/12/2015
good service, I am fully satisfied
   AJAY KUMAR PINTO  |  02/12/2015
Thank you, for the prompt service.
   C.K. ROSHAN  |  29/11/2015
   BHARTI  |  25/11/2015
Your service is good. Planning to recommend your company to known one. Thanks..
   BHAVYA MEHTA  |  01/12/2015
Very prompt and fast service. eAyur has improved his delivery process in a stupendous manner. Very Gr8 service and long to always shop with you guys.
   LAVANYA  |  23/11/2015
Delivered on time. Love the product ! Thank you :)
   SINDHUJA RAJENDRAN  |  24/11/2015
Good service
   CHANDRA SEKHAR  |  17/11/2015
Good service. But Bangalore to Coimbatore, it seems delayed. We are happy with the service. Keep it up.
   SREENIVAS KUPPACHI  |  17/11/2015
Very good On-time delivery
   SWAPNIL MODI  |  01/01/2016
very good service. Fast and reliable. I~m very happy and will use it again.
   INDIRA BURGOS  |  13/11/2015
Excellent products from nagarjuna. Thanks to eayur for providing it online.
   SOURABH SULABH  |  15/11/2015
shipping was fast; products were undamaged.Thanks.
   VIVEK NARAYAN  |  14/11/2015
Thanks for ontime delivery
   MANISH AGRAWAL  |  13/11/2015
We are very happy. Fully satisfied with prompt response and delivery. We will continue our relationship. Good service. Congrats.
   SREENIVAS KUPPACHI  |  10/11/2015
Prompt shipping and delivery. Nice packaging.
   HARPREET SINGH  |  08/11/2015
good range of products and delivery. please continue to add more products - for exmaple unjha pharmacy and more from AVP pharma?
   ADITYA RANA  |  06/11/2015
Good service and fast delivery
   HARSH V PATODIA  |  05/11/2015
Very fast and efficient shipping. This is the repeated time I am purchasing. very good customer care
   A SADIQ BASHA  |  03/11/2015
I really appreciate for the on time delivery & calling for address confirmation .. But i request if u can give a call to customer & handover it to cus
   NOEL JOHN  |  02/11/2015
Good Service, Product was delivered on time. I would like to shop frequently in the future..
   DINESH A  |  02/11/2015
Excellent Service
   JEGADEESAN  |  28/10/2015
Right on Time...!!!
   STAVAN SHAH  |  28/10/2015
very good packing customer service.good response from customer care
   K.NAGESWARA RAO  |  30/10/2015
Overall I liked the services, especially the order is delivered in very fast manner. Thanks.
   MANISH AGRAWAL  |  26/10/2015
delivered the product with a nice packing, Thanks for the item
   RASOOL  |  16/10/2015
HI, Good Response and Prompt delivery. Everybody can trust.
   A ELANGO  |  15/10/2015
This time delivery has been fast, thank you.
   ASHOK JHUNJHUNWALA  |  09/10/2015
Some good products were out of stock. I have ordered twice or thrice from Feb 2015. It can be improved much as online ayur products.
   RAGHUL  |  08/10/2015
very good and quick service. thanks
   C S SURENDRAN  |  07/10/2015
Well packaged. Contents received safely. Quick shipment. Thanks!
   BHASKER K RAO  |  06/10/2015
Great service and so far good experience.
   ARUN PANICKER  |  05/10/2015
   SUGANTHI  |  05/10/2015
Very useful product.
   VIKAS TYAGI  |  30/09/2015
Good service
   VINAY UPADHYAY   |  30/09/2015
Perfect.!!! As Expected.Prompt and fast service..Much Appreciated.
   MAHESH KUMAR  |  24/09/2015
genuine products and quick delivery
Prompt delivery.
   RAMALINGAM  |  24/09/2015
Fast delivery and Carefully packed.
   PALLAVI DUBEY  |  22/09/2015
Thank you for your prompt response! Loved the service
   VINCYA  |  22/09/2015
Very Quick Service & Delivery
   SWAPNIL MODI  |  20/09/2015
Very happy with their fast delivery of the merchandise and their constant progress of the the status of this order
   RAKESH JAIN  |  18/09/2015
Timely delivery and good response from your side. Thanks
   JAGANNATH RAO  |  12/09/2015
Prompt Service
   UMA  |  13/09/2015
Very good service :)
   SREERAM.R  |  10/09/2015
   AMIT CHOUHAN  |  09/09/2015
quick delivery....nice...
   MANU  |  09/09/2015
Excellent Service, thanks!
   PARAMESWARAN V  |  07/09/2015
service excellent
   SVG ACHARYA  |  03/09/2015
Nice service, prompt delivery. Thanks!
   DR JV HEBBAR  |  03/09/2015
Good response and quick delivery Thank you
   M.RAJENDRAN  |  03/09/2015
I have received your order . Your service is very good
   SHARATH  |  28/08/2015
Quick and hassle free delivery Keep it up it is good to deal with you
   Y A SRINIVAS RAO  |  26/08/2015
Very good product. Good seller.
   DIVYA  |  26/08/2015
   RAVIMENON THUVAKKAT  |  25/08/2015
Excellent service, very quick. Product intact. Gr8 shopping with you guys
   LAVANYA  |  25/08/2015
Quick delivery and good service
   BALASUBRAMANYAM  |  25/08/2015
The delivery was very very fast. I am very happy to shop in this site??. Thanku team.
   M NITHYA  |  27/08/2015
Prompt supply and shipping. Always dependable to get any Ayurvedic and other products.
   MANIVASAGAN R  |  19/08/2015
Excellent !!! Service. Hassle free.
   NAVEEN SINGH  |  20/08/2015
hi I got the order in time & delivered by you in good condition
   N SUBRAMANIAN  |  13/08/2015
super fast sarvice thanka
   NARASAPPA V  |  06/08/2015
Received Items quickly on time only thing is first flight guy is very rude. Please change the courier company.
   PRIYANKA SHARMA  |  04/08/2015
All ayurvedic medicines of all standard companies under one roof. Prompt and quick service.
   SIVA SANTHANAM  |  01/08/2015
Prompt service..Very happy
   RAKENDHU KUMAR  |  01/10/2015
Delivered the good products in time. Good services and also got the response soon from the service.
   KHUSHBOO DUNGDUNG  |  28/07/2015
Happy with ur service
   DUGGIRALA SREEJA  |  20/07/2015
Excellent service. I would further appreciate if daily feedback is received on delivery / despatch details.
   CAPT VN KAUL  |  13/07/2015
One of the best services in india. Thanks
   SUMIT KUMAR  |  02/07/2015
   ADITYARAJ S  |  01/07/2015
Excellent bathing bar. I wish continues this product for long time.
   KARTHIK RAJA  |  28/06/2015
Fast, prompt, no nonsense, reliable service. Super awesome product, will definitely continue buying from eayur.
   ASHVINI SWAMY  |  26/06/2015
Thanks for the delivery on the expected date.
   RADHAKRISHNAN NAIR BL  |  24/06/2015
   VIJAY NAWANI  |  15/06/2015
dear sir, thank u for your best service. thank u.
   SENTHILKUMAR  |  16/06/2015
   VIJAY RAJU  |  12/06/2015
Fast delivery, Product is also good. Satisfied with your service
   NEERAJ KUMAR  |  10/06/2015
Delivered on time and in good packing condition.
   SHREERAM IYER  |  10/06/2015
Fantastic service. The product was delivered in an hour. Gr8 job.
   LAVANYA  |  09/06/2015
Timely delivered . Good
   VELMURUGAN  |  06/06/2015
Excellent service and delivery
   AK MALPANI  |  30/05/2015
I am a repeat buyer of meds. The best part is the fast delivery. I have received items the next day in 24 hrs. Quality/packing of the meds are good.
   TEJAS NAIDU  |  27/05/2015
The oil is good. Delivery is on the time.
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Happy with the immediate delivery
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