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Kottakkal Dasamularishtam

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Kottakkal Dasamularishtam

Kottakkal Dasamularishtam

Made in India
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Indications :
Its Main ingredients are Dasamula group of drugs, Dhathri (Emblica officinalis), Jivaka (Malaxis acuminate), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Draksha (Vitis vinifera) , etc

Dasamularishtam is an acknowledged energy booster according to Ayurveda. 

It rapidly strengthens weak persons and quickly nourishes emaciated people. 
It is also a good remedy for sexual disorders. 
It can be used in infertility cases. 
It is an excellent preparation for all urinary troubles like calculus, gravels, strained micturation, etc. 
Especially good in vata disorders, hiccough, cough, and sprains. 
Effective in diseases like vomiting, anorexia, dyspepsia, anaemia, jaundice, piles, ascites, etc.

Dasamula group cause balance between vata, pitta and kapha. 
It is very effective in respiratory disorders and removes indigestion. 
Dhatri has rejuvenating property and it pacifies tridosha. 
Jivaka pacifies vitiated pitta, vata. 
It is very effective in oligospermia, burning sensation, emaciation, general debility, etc. 
Haridra pacifies vitiated kapha, pitta, skin diseases, ulcers, wounds, inflammations, pruritus, allergy, tumor, cough, asthma malignancy, tumors and hemorrhoids.
Draksha pacifies vitiated pitta, burning sensation, constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, skin diseases, colic, flatulence, jaundice, vomiting, splenomegaly, arthritis, and amenorrhea.

Dasamularishtam thus is a wonder drug from Ayurveda.

Dasamularishtam is prepared as prescribed in Bhaishagyaratnavali.

The medicine has no side effects at all.
However, readers are advised to consult an Ayurvedic physician for dosage and admixtures for best results. 

Usage :
15 to 25 ml OR as direct by physician 

Composition :
Each 10ml Prepared out of: Dasamula (each) 0.059g Chitraka 0.295g Lodhra 0.236g Guduchi 0.236g Dhatri 0.189g Duralabha 0.142g Khadira 0.095g Bijasara 0.095g Pathya 0.095g Kustha 0.024g Manjishtha 0.024g Devadaru 0.024g Vidanga 0.024g Madhuka 0.024g Bharngi 0.024g Kapittha 0.024g Aksha 0.024g Purarnava 0.024g Chavya 0.024g Mamsi 0.024g Priyangu 0.024g Sariba 0.024g Krishnajiraka 0.024g Trivrit 0.024g Renuka 0.024g Rasna 0.024g Pippali 0.024g Kramuka 0.024g Sathi 0.024g Haridra 0.024g Satapushpa 0.024g Padmaka 0.024g Nagakesara 0.024g Musta 0.024g Indrayava 0.024g Sringi 0.024g Jivaka 0.024g Rishabhaka 0.024g Meda 0.024g Mahameda 0.024g Kakolyau (each)0.024g Riddhi 0.024g Vriddhi 0.024g Kakkola 0.024g Jala 0.024g Chandana 0.024g Jatiphala 0.024g Lavanga 0.024g Twak 0.024g Ela 0.024g Patra 0.024g Kesara 0.024g Pippali 0.024g Draksha 0.709g Dhataki 0.354g Guda 4.725g Kshaudra 0.383g