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Kottakkal Jirakadyarishtam

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Kottakkal Jirakadyarishtam

Kottakkal Jirakadyarishtam

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Description:Jeerakarishtam is an effective medicine used in Ayurvedic post natal care. It is one of the medicines and often included as part of Ayurvedic diet after delivery.  Jeerakarishtam is also known as jeerakadyarishta, Jirakadyarishtam, Jeerakadyarishtam, etc.


Jeerakarishtam dose: 
12 ml, after food, two times a day for a period of 2 – 3 months.



Vayu gulika, Mahadhanvantaram and Asalyadi.


Jeerakarishtam uses: 
It is made with cumin seeds. Cumin seeds are known for its use in improving digestion and detoxifying the body. Read detailed cumin seed benefits
Jeerakarishtam is a suitable Ayurvedic medicine after delivery.
It helps to improve strength of the mother, after delivery.
It helps in normal involution of uterus, promotes lactation and immunity of the mother.
Because most of the herbs used in Jeerakarishta are hot in nature, it also keeps mother away from cold and infections. It boosts immunity.
Apart from these benefits, Jeerakarishtam is also used in the treatment of frequent passing of stools, diarrhoea, indigestion etc.
It helps to improve digestion power.


Traditional health benefits of Jeerakaristam:
Sootikamaya – After delivery complications in the mother like, fever, indigestion, cough, cold, etc.
Grahani – Malabsorption syndrome, IBS
Atisara – Diarrhea
Vahni Vikruti – digestive disorders


Asthma, loss of voice, hiccup and sprains.

All vata disorders.


Jeerakarishtam side effects: 
No known side effects exist for this product.
It contains jaggery, hence it may increase blood sugar levels in diabetes.
However, very high dose than prescribed may cause burning sensation in stomach.
It is often used in the treatment of childhood complaints.


Jeerakarishtam ingredients: 
Cumin seeds – Cuminum cyminum – 9.6 kg
it is added with 49 .15 liters of water, boiled and reduced to 12.25 liters, filtered. This decoction is added with jaggery – 14.4 kg
Dhataki – woodfordia fruticosa – 768 g
Ginger – 96 g
Nutmeg – 48 g
Musta – Cyperus rotundus – 48 g
Cardamom – 48 g
Patra – Cinnamomum tamala – 48 g
Cinnamon – 48 g
Nagakeshara – Mesua ferrea – 48
Yavani – Trachyspermum ammi – 48 g
Kankola – Piper cubeba – 48 grams
Clove – 48 g