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Kottakkal Viswamritam

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Kottakkal Viswamritam

Kottakkal Viswamritam

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Viswamritam is a herbal liquid formulation.

Its usage:

  1. Fever, diarrhoea, piles, anemia, loss of appetite and irritable bowel syndrome.


  • 20 to 40 ml with equal quantity of water. Two times daily after food.or as directed by the physician.

Roga Karma: Jwara, athisara, gulma, grahani, arshas, udara, visuchika, pandu, shopha and garavisha.

Doshakarma: Kaphavatahara

Agni Karma: Deepana, pachana.

Other Karma: Srotoshodhaka

Viswamritam Ingredients:

Kashaya dravyas              

Nagara  Zingiber officinale

jala         Water

Sandana dravyas             

Guda     jaggery

Dhataki Woodfordia fruticosa

Prakshepaka dravyas    

Talisa patra         Abies spectabilis

Chitraka               Plumbago zeylenica

Ela          Elettaria cardamomum

Lavanga                Syzygium aromaticum

Mustha                Cyperus rotundus

Maricha                Piper nigrum

Yastimadhu        Glycyrrhiza glabra

Pipplai   Piper longum

Ajamoda              Carum roxburgiana

Nagara  Zingiber officinale

Method of preparation: Prepare the kashaya or decoction by boiling kashayadravyas in water and reduce to ¼th and strain the decoction. When the decoction is cooled add jiggery, Dhataki and prakshepaka dravyas. Keep for fermentation in a closed vessel  for 1 month, After completion of fermentation arista is filtered and stored in a glass bottle.

Reference: Yogagrantham.