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Dhootapapeshwar Suvarna (Svarna) Bhasma (Premium)

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Dhootapapeshwar Suvarna (Svarna) Bhasma (Premium)

Dhootapapeshwar Suvarna (Svarna) Bhasma (Premium)

Made in India
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Suvarna (Svarna) Bhasma
Suvarna i.e. Gold which is known for its precious quality since many decades. It has been said that where all other treatment fail administration of Suvarna is fruitful. Suvarna Bhasma is most efficacious being Paradmarit. It increases the body strength, immunity, vitality and memory. It acts as Rasayan, Balya, Ojovardhak in Jeerna Vyadhi.

Suvarna Bhasma Prepared using Shuddha Suvarna, Shuddha Parad, Shuddha Gandhak & Nimbu Swarasa

Chronic disorders, Dhatukshaya, Rajayakshma, Jeerna and Dhatugata Jwara, Shwasa, Kasa, Sangrahani, Pandu, Apasmar, Unmada, Napunsakata, Hrudroga and Immuno compromised  disorders

1 to 2 tablets (15 - 30 mg) 2 to 3 times a day or as per Rugnavastha