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Capro Cardiraksh Capsules

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Capro Cardiraksh Capsules

Capro Cardiraksh Capsules

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Cardiraksh Capsule
(A holistic ayurvedic approach in hridroga)
Many cardio vascular drugs do not treat the systems associated with cardiovascular disorders such as trachycardia, dyspnoea etc. Cardiraksh protect the heart against sympathetic outbursts.

In all types of Hridroga-Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Tridoshaja, Hyper tension (Raktachapa), Atherosclerosis (Dhamani praticaya), Angina Pectoris (Hrtsoola), Hyperlepidimia, Myocardial infarctions, Ischemic Heart Diseases, Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Depression and Insomnia.

» Effectively normalises LDL, VLDL, HDL and total Cholesterol levels
» Reduces triglycerides, free fatty acids
» Controls hyper tension and relieves stress and strain
» Exhibits anti thrombotic action
» Helps remove blockage of blood vessels
» Maintains viscosity of the blood
» Improves blood circulation
» Helps to maintain elasticity on blood vessel walls
» Powerful immunomodulator
» Has diuretic action and reduces edema

Each Capsule of CARDIRAKSH contains :

Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in mg
Amomum subulatum Ela (Fruit/ seeds) 20 mg
Asteracantha longifolia Kokilaksha (Whole plant) 20 mg
Balsamodendron Mukul Guggulu (Exudate) 50 mg
Cuminum cyminum Jeeraka(Fruit) 20 mg
Clitoria ternatea Aparajita(Root) 10 mg
Elaeocarpus Rudraksha (Seed) 20 mg
Euryale ferox Makhana(Fruit) 10 mg
Fel Bovis purifactum Gorochana 15 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra Yastimadhu (Root) 40 mg
Hydrocotyle asiatica Brahmi (Whole plant) 50 mg
Jasminum grandiflorum Jati (Leaf) 25 mg
Myristica fragrans Jatiphalam (Seed) 25 mg
Psoralea corylifolia Bakuchi (Fruit) 25 mg
Rauwolfia serpentina Sarpagandha (Root) 30 mg
Santalum album Chandana (Heart Wood) 20 mg
Shilajit Shilajit 30 mg
Terminalia balerica Vibhitaka (Fruit) 30 mg
Terminalia arjuna Arjuna (Stem bark) 60 mg

As directed by the Physician.