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Kottakkal Kantasinduram (7) Capsules

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Kottakkal Kantasinduram (7) Capsules

Kottakkal Kantasinduram (7) Capsules

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Description:Kantasinduram is an Ayurvedic medicine of mineral origin. It is available in capsule form. mineral calx is available in capsule form. It is processed for purification 7, 14 or 21 times.

Based on number of times of processing, there are two varieties of Kantasinduram –
Kanthasinduram 7 – processed 7 times.
Kantasindhuram 14 – processed 14 times.
Both have similar therapeutic properties.


Kanta loha is purified using buttermilk, kulatthi decoction (horse gram), aloevera juice and jambu twak.


Uses of Kantasinduram:
Useful in the treatment of –
Bodyache, malaise, lethargy
Abdominal colic pain
Gulma – abdomnal tumor
Grahani – IBS, sprue, altering diarrhea and constipation
Being a natural source of Iron, it is useful in the treatment of anemia.
Useful in raktgulma.
Good in ascites, diabetes and jaundice.


Ingredients of Kantasinduram:
Wrought iron[processed]


Dosage of Kantasinduram:

  • 125-200 mg od with buttermilk, lemon juice, honey.
  • In colic- with dried ginger powder.
  • In gulma and grahani- with powder of pepper, long pepper or dried ginger.
  • In other ailments- honey or sugar.

Side effects of Kantasinduram:

  1. Over dosage may cause severe side effects and gastritis.
  2. It is contra indicated in all those diseases where Iron supplements are contra indicated.
  3. Accidental over-dosage in children may lead to poisonous effects.
  4. Store in a cool dry place.
  5. Keep out of reach and sight of children.
  6. It can be taken during pregnancy or lactation and in children, under strict medical supervision.