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Kottakkal Swarna Bhasmam Capsules

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Kottakkal Swarna Bhasmam Capsules

Kottakkal Swarna Bhasmam Capsules

Made in India
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Kottakkal Arya vaidyasala Swarna Bhasma capsule- Time tested natural remedy for various ailments from the leading manufacturer of Ayurveda.

=> Easy to use.

=> European standards for manufacturing.

=> Manufactured from South African Gold.

=> From the reliable Kottakkal Brand- Trusted for more than hundred years.

Swarna Bhasma is an ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine that enjoys wide popularity and application.Gold has been accepted as most useful ingredient in Indian ayurvedic medicine system. SwarnaBhasma is used for the effective treatment of sexual weakness, carcinoma, and different chronic ailments.

Gold Bhasma is well suited for individuals that start to open up to higher consciousness, a path of spiritual transformation, and self-healing.Very effective as antivirus and anticancer remedy

=> Higher sense of inner peace and positive emotions
=> Greater insights into life situations and yourself
=> Increased sixth sense stimulation and intuitive powers
=> Deeper meditative and prayer states
=> Potential to deal with difficult situations using a higher perspective
=> Accelerated serendipity and manifesting
=> Enhanced mental focus and clarity
=> Enhanced and lucid dreaming
=> Balance of Right/Left brain
=> Greater imagination
=> Feelings of growth and access to Universal knowledge
=> Acceleration of all the vital cellular processes, hence, positively affecting all body systems.
=> General, beneficial influence on the cellular structures and organ systems.
=> Repairing of nerve connections within the brain.
=> Increase in hormonal balance and optimization of neurotransmission impulses.
=> Protecting body from exposure to stress and blocking of radial elements.
=> Bringing harmony to the psychosomatic state of your body.
=> Protects and renovates cells of the central nervous system.
=> Promotes intuitive body reactions to the environmental stresses.
=> Stimulates detoxification processes.
=> Swarna Bhasma improves resistance power in human body.
=> It is responsible for boosting immunity and strengthening the human body.
=> It can be used on a regular basis as an alternative and acts as a nerve tonic
=> Swarna Bhasma is excellent in treating Anemia, and chronic fever.
=> Due to its gold base, it is helpful in improving complexion
=> Swarna Bhasma eradicates all chronic disorders, when used consistently.
=> It is indicated in chronic fever, cough, Asthma, urinary disorders, sleeplessness and weak digestion.
=> It strengthens weak muscles, debilities associated with old-age.
=> It is excellent for treating Tuberculosis.
=> It increases sexual power.
=> Swarna Bhasma slows down the process of degeneration of tissues thus helps to prevent premature ageing.
=> It helps prevent symptoms of ageing like wrinkles, dullness of skin, dark circles around the eyes, debility, fatigue, etc.
=> Swarna Bhasma strengthens tissues and ligaments of the human body.
=> It is highly effective in maintaining vigor, vitality and stamina.

 Swarna Bhasma rejuvenates your panchendriyas (5 basic elements), cures psychological disorders and nourishes the body, epilepsy and erectile dysfunction.

Gold Bhasma or Swarna Bhasma is anti-depressant. Not only does it have anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, it can also be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. People that suffer from deceases of nervous system will also benefit from Gold Bhasma. In Ayurveda Swarna Bhasma is often used to prevent early aging and to reduce body weakness.

Gold Bhasma can greatly increase life-spans, while curing various diseases by enabling the body to work close to perfection. Today we would say that it would greatly increase the potential of each cell to transmit electrical currents, almost like rejuvenating the whole body.

The strengthening and healing effects of Gold Bhasma are documented. Nano Gold can be used as both preventive medicines for those people who would like to vitalize and energize their body and soul, having a life of good health and harmony, and it is also ideal for the treatment of acute and chronic.