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Purodil Tablets

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Purodil Tablets

Purodil Tablets

Made in India
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Purodil is a comprehensive formula from nature’s rich legacy, to impart skin health, efficiently and effectively.
Purodil provides systemic management in skin affections like, acne pimples, skin allergies, urticaria and other allied inflammatory skin conditions.
Purodil contains time tested and scientifically evaluated herbs in optimal balance for maximum therapeutic benefits.
Purodil fulfills the concept of an Ideal blood purifier, with distinct advantages of being an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunomodulatory, detoxifier, anti-oxidant and anti-stressor, to cure skin ailments of internal or external cause.
Purodil lends wide therapeutic range extensions; from replenishing, revitalizing to rejuvenating and remitting various skin disorders.
Hence Purodil gives complete value and offers utmost care to the skin through its most precious flora of high medicinal value.

» Anti-microbial - Relieves from skin infections, by inhibiting growth of microbes like, bacterial, fungus.
» Anti-allergic– Inhibits activity of allergens and allergic reactions of skin.
» Immunomodulator - Reinforces the body defense mechanism, by boosting immune system and ensuring faster relief in acne.
» Detoxifier - Modulates the detoxifying mechanism thus protecting skin against, chemical & environmental toxins.
» Anti-oxidant - Rejuvenates the skin, and helps to prevent acne flare up.
» Anti-stress - Re-energizes mind & body by providing de-stressors and adaptogens to cope up with stress induced skin affections

» Purodil ensures rapid elimination of infection causing microbes which is the major cause of skin disorders.
» Reduces dependence on antibiotics/modern synthetic preparations.
» Reduces chances of recurrence by boosting defense mechanism, also prevents aggravation & thus provides faster relief.
» Protects skin from toxins like pollutants & free radicals developed from sunrays and fat metabolism.
» Improves blood circulation thus helps in nourishing and toning the skin.
» Retards age related changes in skin by providing anti oxidants.
» Helps break the vicious cycle of stress –acne-stress.
   (One being the cause of other.)

» Acne.
» Pimples.
» Urticaria.
» Boils.
» Skin allergies.
» Allied inflammatory skin conditions.

Syrup: adults: - 2-3 tsf two times a day.
Children: - 1-2 tsf two times a day.
Capsules: adults: - 2 capsules two times a day.
Children: - 1 capsule two times a day. or as directed by Physician.

No adverse or toxic effects have ever been observed on short / long term usage of Purodil in therapeutically recommended dosage.
Shows synergistic effects along with antibiotics\synthetic preparations and reduces dependence on them.
Prevents development of drug resistant bacteria’s and microbes.