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Kottakkal Avalgujabijadi Churnam

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Kottakkal Avalgujabijadi Churnam

Kottakkal Avalgujabijadi Churnam

Made in India
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Description:Avalgujabijadi churnam is a herbal powder formulation, used for the treatment of leukoderma (vitiligo). It is used for external application. 


Uses of Avalgujabijadi Churnam:

  • Used for external application in leukoderma.
  • Useful in tinea infection, dermatophytosis
  • Partially useful in treating burn scars.

Ingredients of Avalgujabijadi Choornam:

Avalguja beeja- Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia)– 1 kudava [187 gms]
Shuddha Haratala (Purified Arsenic compound)- 1 pala [48 gms]


Direction for use of Avalgujabeejadi Churnam:

  1. This product is meant for external application only.
  2. It is mixed with cow urine or water, made paste and applied over the affected area.
  3. If this scalds the skin, the medium can be changed to Bakuchi oil, or coconut oil or Dineshavalyadi or Eladi tailam.
  4. The paste is left on the skin for a period of 10 – 30 minutes. Then wash off with hot water.
  5. Some doctors advice for early morning sunlight exposure after application of this paste.

Avalguja beejadi Choornam side effects:

This product should only be used under strict medical supervision. 

Accidental oral intake may cause poisonous symptoms.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Store in a cool dry place.