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Kottakkal Panchagandha Churnam

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Kottakkal Panchagandha Churnam

Kottakkal Panchagandha Churnam

Made in India
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Indication:  Headache, giddiness, insomnia, burning sensation on head region.


Method of usage:  For external use only, over scalp or forehead after mixing with milk or medicated oil.


Side effects: No known side effects, used under medical supervision.



SiNo    Sanskrit name    Quantity

1    Kachura    1 Part

2    Amalaki    1 Part

3    Manjista    1 Part

4    Yashti    1 Part

5    Daru(Devadaru)    1 Part

6    Shweta chandana    1 Part

7    Rakta chandana    1 Part

8    Kannara    1 Part

9    Kanmada    1 Part

10    Vedhi    1 Part

11    Rohini(Katurohini)    1 Part

12    Krishna jeeraka    1 Part

13    Rasna    1 Part

14    Tintrini sira    1 Part

15    Sariva    1 Part

16    Kumkuma    1 Part

17    Sarja    1 Part

18    Indu(Karpura)    1 Part

19    Varivaha(Musta)    1 Part

20    Kandivenna    1 Part

21    Balamoola    1 Part

22    Lajakounthi    1 Part

23    Jala(Hribera)    1 Part

24    Ushira    1 Part

25    Amaya(Kusta)    1 Part

26    Sanninayaka    1 Part

27    Karupum(Ahiphena)    1 Part

28    Kaaviyum(Gairika)    1 Part

29    Jatiphala    1 Part


Method of preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together in specified quantity.

Panchagandhachurnam is generally for external use. Its power will be evident if rubbed into butter or breast milk and dehydrated and then applied over the crown for ailments like pitta dominated insanity, giddiness and hot feeling in the head. Equally effective when it is made into a paste with equal quantity of gooseberry powder in undiluted buttermilk and lay thick over the crown. The powder is good to rub on the head too.


Method  of Storage: stored in airtight container in dry place.


Ayurvedic properties:

Roga karma: vata pittaja shiraroga, jwara, matibrahma, murcha, daha, brahma, nidranasha.

Dosha karma: Tridoshahara


Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your Ayurvedic Physician.