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Kottakkal Talisapatradi Churnam

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Kottakkal Talisapatradi Churnam

Kottakkal Talisapatradi Churnam

Made in India
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Description:It is a mixture of  seven dry herbal powder along with suger used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive system related disorders


Indication: Upper respiratory tract infection like cold, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, lower respiratory tract infection like bronchitis, laryngitis, Asthama, dry or productive cough. Digestive system disorders like vomiting, loss of appetite, indigestion, distaste, flatulence, malabsorption syndrome.



Adult: 1 to  3 grams along with hot water or honey three to four times daily after food( for dry cough talisadi choorna along with honey and ghee & for productive cough along with honey gives good result)

Infants: 1 pinch with honey three times a day after feeding. 

Children : 4 pinch with honey three times a day after food.


Side effects: May induce gastric irritation in higher dose, Used with caution in Diabetic patients as it contain suger.


Contraindication: only pitta aggravated condition



 Sanskrit name    Botanical Name    Quantity

    Talisa                  Abies webbiana    12 grams

    Maricha                Piper nigrum        24 grams

   Shunti                Zingiber officinale    36 grams

    Pippali                  Piper longum       48 grams

    Vamshalochana  Bambusa bambos 60 grams

    Ela                   Elettaria cardamum    6 grams

    Twak            Cinnamum zeylanicum   6 grams

    Sharkara                  Suger               384 grams


Method of Preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together,  stored in airtight container in dryplace.


Ayurvedic properties:

Roga karma: Aruchi, kasa, shwasa, jwara, chardi, athisara, shosha, grahani, pandu, pliharoga, hrithshula and parshwashula.

Dosha karma: Kaphavatahara.

Agni karma: Deepana, pachana.

Other gunas: Kapha lekhana, srotoshodana, ruchya, shulahara.


Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your Ayurvedic Physician.