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Kottakkal Valiya Karpuradi Churnam

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Kottakkal Valiya Karpuradi Churnam

Kottakkal Valiya Karpuradi Churnam

Made in India
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Description:Valiya Karpooradi choornam is a mixture of dry herbal powder along with sugar used in the management respiratory system related problems.


Indication:  Cough, cold, anorexia, hiccup, pain, nausea, indigestion and vomitting.


Dose :  1 to 3 grams along with honey thrice daily after food.


Side effects: Used with caution in diabetic patients as it contain sugar.




Karpura    1 Part

Pashupasi(Jatipatri)    1 Part

Daru(Devadaru)    1 Part

Maduka    1 Part

Jatiphala    1 Part

Anjana    1 Part

Chukku(Shunti)    1 Part

Ajaji    1 Part

Jeeraka    1 Part

Triti(Ela)    1 Part

Kasturi    1 Part

Chora(Kachora)    1 Part

Krishna(Pippali)    1 Part

Kundali(Guduchi)    1 Part

Lodhra pushpa    1 Part

Maricha    1 Part

Chocha(Dalchini)    1 Part

Jalam(Balaka)    1 Part

Utkata(Twak)    1 Part

Agragrahi(Akarakarabha)    1 Part

Kirapum(Bhringaraja)    1 Part

Lavanga    1 Part

Musta    1 Part

Ramaccha(Usheera)    1 Part

Patha    1 Part

Amaya(Kusta)    1 Part

Krishnagaru    1 Part

Rasna    1 Part


Method of preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together in specified quantity.


Method  of Storage: Stored in airtight container in dry place.


Ayurvedic properties of Valiya Karpooradi choornam:

Roga karma: vatashoola, parshwashoola, hicca, vamana, kasa, hridroga, gulma, pandu.

Dosha karma: Kaphavatahara

Agni karma: Deepana, pachana.

Other gunas: Srotoshodana, lekhana, shulahara, vatanulomaka.


Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your Ayurvedic Physician.