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SNA Gruhadhoomaadi Lepa Choornam

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SNA Gruhadhoomaadi Lepa Choornam

SNA Gruhadhoomaadi Lepa Choornam

Made in India
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Useful in pain, swelling and burning sensation in arthritis.

Method of usage: 
Only for External use, Sufficient quantity of Gruhadhoomaadi choornam mixed with hot water and applied over the affected area. Application should be removed when it is completely dried.

Side effects: Rarely it may produce skin allergic reaction like irritation, redness and itching, Used under medical supervision.
SI No    Sanskrit name    Botanical Name    Quantity
1    Gruhadhooma    Carbon of Kitchen chimney    1 Part
2    Vacha    Alphenia calcaratta    1 Part
3    Kusta    Saussurea lappa    1 Part
4    Shatahwa    Anethum sowa    1 Part
5    Haridra    Curcuma longa    1 Part
6    Daruharidra    Berberis aristata    1 Part
Method of Preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together in specified quantity.

Method  of Storage: Stored in airtight container in dryplace.
Shelf life period: Around 6 month.

Reference : Astangahrudayam Chikitsastana-Vatashoonitachikitsa 22/35
Ayurvedic properties of Gruhadhoomadi choornam / Grihadhoomadi Lepa:
Roga karma: Kapha pradhana vatarakta, shoolahara.
Dosha karma: Kaphavatahara.
Other karma: Srotoshodana, Shophahara