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Kottakkal Traiphala Ghritam

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Kottakkal Traiphala Ghritam

Kottakkal Traiphala Ghritam

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Triphal Greetham-the source of the recipe text "Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita."
Ayurveda gritamami called ayurvedic medicine based ghee ghee. In oil digested medicinal plants in the porcess of heating oil draws in all the useful properties of plants, 
preserves them in itself and multiplies.

Ghee, as it is known, is the most powerful " anupana"-a guide who brings the beneficial properties of the drug to the localization of the disease, Gritama efficiency is much higher than that of conventional Ayurvedic medicines.

Firstly because ghee enhance the effects of medicinal plants.

Secondly, acting as a natural preservative preserves the original strength of grasses. Quality of the preparation were only improve with time! Know, the older the ghee, the more valuable properties. Unlike Ayurvedic medicines in the form of powder (Churna) are deterioration after a year or two, if the herbs were tightly packed. Ayurvedic medicines in the form of tablets, also possesses two-three years, if the shell is made of tablets qualitatively. But, ghee can be stored for years without losing their properties and keeping power of herbs

Third, Ghee helps better be acquired ayurvedic drugs.
The main component of Triphala Greetham is Triphala (Amalaki, Babhitaki, Haritaki).

In addition to the impact that Triphala Churna, Triphala Greetham is used to treat eys diseases. Admission Triphala Greetham improves eyesight, used in the treatment of cataracts and other serious eyes diseases.

Greetham Triphala is used bothe internally and externally in the form of Ayurvedic procedures "netrabasti" (oil bath for the eyes) when the test ring-fenced area around the eyes and poured heated by Triphala Greetham. This procedure calms the mind and nourishes the eyes, imporves vision and memory.

Indication for use:
» Eye disease
» Myopia
» Hyperopia
» Clouding of the lens
» Cataracts
» Glaucoma
» Pressure in the eye
» Exhaustion
» Liver disease
» Jaundice
» General weakness
» Constipation

Contraindications ingestion: Carefully take high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetics and people with cholesterol

How to use:
Inside half-1 teaspoon twice a day, or follow the doctor's recommendations. Your doctor may prescribe taking Triphala Greetham 6-12 grams twice a day.

Externally- Oil bath for the eyes.

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