Kottakkal Vidaryadi Ghritam
Kottakkal Vidaryadi Ghritam

Kottakkal Vidaryadi Ghritam


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Vidaryadi ghrutham is an Ayurvedic medicine for gaining weight, improving health and immunity. In the present scenario, it is used widely as an immunity modulator especially after chemotherapy. It also helps to treat chronic and intermittent fevers.
Benefits of Vidaryadi ghrutha
The formulation of Vidaryadi is explained as a Gana in Sodhanadiganasamgrahaneeya in Ashtangahrudaya.  As other ganayogas, it can be used in any medicinal form but it is used as a grutham mostly.
It is very effective in allergic respiratory diseases like bronchitis especially when the patient is physically weak. By boosting the immunity, the severity and frequency of respiratory infections reduce.
In the traditional Ayurveda, this combination is used to regain health after a fever or any infectious disease.
Children and adults who are underweight or malnourished can be managed by vidaryadi ghrutham after proper de-worming and Amapaachana. By improving digestion, this combination improves taste and appetite; the bioavailability of nutrients in the food also enhanced. Hence the person starts eating well and his general health improved. Any kind of deficiency would also be corrected.
It is beneficial in chronic diseases with metabolic derangement like tuberculosis, aids, cancer etc.
As a nourishing combination, it is used to regain health and strength of muscles after an episode of stroke.
Indications of Vidaryadi ghrutham

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