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Ayulabs Neogard Drops

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Ayulabs Neogard Drops

Ayulabs Neogard Drops

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Neogard Drops 
Normalises Gastric Motility 
When is prime concern for delicate patients

Abdominal Colics due to indigestion, crying spells, Flatulence, dyspepsia and regurgitation due to lactose intolerance.

Benefits of using Neogard Drops :
» Relaxes smooth muscles, reduces colic.
» Controles sudden abdominal discomfort.
» Normalises gastric motility.
» Corrects constipation, diarrhea.
» Helps expulsion of gas.

Neogard Drops is an innocent drug innocent patient as it provides quick symptomatic relief in colic and griping pain in neonates and infants, Neogard Drops relieves abdominal distension and other intestinal aliments.

Advantage of Neogard Drops :
The combination of Neogard is a well thought and balanced one for immediate symptomatic relief. Unlike synthetic drugs, Neogard is free from side effects like dryness of mouth, hypotension. It can be prescribed to a neonate also with a prophylactic dosage of 6 Drops b.i.d up to 2 year age.

Indication for uses of Neogard Drops :
Lactose Intolerance; evening cryings, abdominal colic, spasm, flatfulence, dyspepsia associated with indigestion due to poor feeding habits in neonates and infants. As a mild febrifuge and wormifuge.

Composition of Neogard Drops :
» Shatpushpi (Peucedanum graveolens) : 5 mg.
» Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata) : 4 mg.
» Sauvarchal (Black salt) : 2 mg.
» Putikaranja (Caesalpinia crista) : 2 mg.
» Trijat (Taj + Cardamum + Tamalpatra) : 6 mg.
» Vaj (Acorus calamus) : 2 mg.
» Hinga (Ferula foeida) : 1 mg.
» Aekhro (Asteracantha longifolia) : 1 mg.
» Devadali (Luffa echinata) : 1 mg.
» Bhrami (Centella asiatica) : 1 mg.
» Dashmool : 1 mg.
» Saindhav salt : (Sodai chloridum) 1 mg.
» Khurasani Ajmo (Hyoscyamus niger) : 0.5 mg.
» Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum) : 0.5 mg.
» Nimbak Sat : 0.5 mg.

Dosage of Neogard Drops :
Four to six drops five to six times a day. For severe case dose may be increased, or as directed by the physician.