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Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras No1(SwYu)

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Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras No1(SwYu)

Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras No1(SwYu)

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Sootshekhar Ras No. 1 Baidyanath (with Gold)
Indicated in acidity. 
Burning Sensation, Vomiting, Colic Pains etc.
Useful in Acidity, cough, heaviness in stomach mausea, headache etc. 
Relieves the problems related to acidity like vomiting, stomache, vertigo etc.
Relieves the diarrhoea related to aggrevated 'Pitta-Dosha'
Strengthens the heart
Excellent remedy for the problems related to aggrevated Pitta-Dosha like excessive thirst, diarrhoea with burning sensation, dry cough, increased blood circulation.
Each tablet contains 
» Suddha Parad
» Suddha Gandhak
» Swarna Bhasma
» Raupya Bhasma
» SuddhaTankana
» Sunthi
» Marica
» Pippali
» Suddha Dhattura
» Tamra Bhasma
» Tvak
» Tejpatra
» Ela
» Nagakesara
» Sankha Bhasma
» Bilva
» Kachur 3.67mg each
» Bhrungraj 62.49mg
Importance of Swarna Bhasma in Sootshekhar Ras No 1
In Acidity due to  excessive vomiting the musculature of intestine undergoes sluggish which is restore by swarna bhasma
Boosts immunity.
1-1 Tablet twice daily with Honey or with Baidyanath Dadimavleh.
Avoid oily & spicy food, advised light & easily digestable food.